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📝 Welcome to the Crypto Yoda. A journal on cryptocurrency highlighting blockchain technologies...

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                    ✅Project: CoinLoan – platform for loans secured by cryptoassets
⛓Blockchain: Ethereum
🗓Dates: 26 November 2017 – 14 February 2018
💰Soft cap: $3,000,000
💰Hard cap: $56,000,000
🇪🇪Country: Estonia

                    🌌Tech news:

💎Increasing full node counts by the reason of blockchains expansion

💎Opera will add anti-crypto mining in integrated ad-blocker for desktop to mobile browser

💎The city of South Burlington, Vermont, jointly with blockchain startup Propy, are trialing a land registration system that uses blockchain as part of a system for recording ownership

💎Louis Dreyfus, a major commodities trading company, has announced that it has piloted a blockchain-based transaction system developed by a group of financial institutions including ING

💎Plasma protocol to complete 100.000 transactions on any blockchain platform in one second, paying only for deposit commission and the ETH withdrawal, without transaction fee 

Ma y the Bitcoin be with you! 
                    ​​💎It's the final 2 days to get your Energi Tokens with a 10% bonus!

✅Project: EnergiToken – a platform to reward energy efficient behaviour through EnergiToken.

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                    👟Step up
Solutions beyond the scope
✅Startup review

Today we will talk about hydrogen-powered bikes. This is not a brand new technology, however, one French startup starts to produce it on an industrial scale.

                    🌌Tech news:

💎Hyperledger, the open-source business blockchain consortium, to create experimental labs for startups to give them access to some of the benefits   

💎Indian state Andhra Pradesh partners with a local fund firm to launch blockchain ecosystem

💎Cointopia to become a new ICO-oriented platform that focuses on creating a stronger community for ICO sector and become a comprehensive solution for token sales and post-ICO management

💎Radar Relay, decentralized exchange startup, has created the solution that make it possible to transfer cryptocurrency directly from one Ledger wallet to another

💎Pinkcoin partners with Pi-Supply to launch hardware development arm that will focus on easy to use devices that will help to adopt cryptocurrencies

May the Bitcoin be with you!
                    ​​✅Dogezer – the next-gen collaboration platform for software development and beyond
⛓Blockchain: Ethereum
🗓Dates: 15 January 2018 – 8 March 2018
✔️Soft cap: $1 000 000
🇷🇺Country: Russia

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Dogezer Prototype:
                    ​​💎EnergiToken will disrupt the $2 trillion global electricity markets, which are closed and controlled by a handful of large players, by rewarding energy saving behavior via blockchain solution. 

How Energi Token works:
                    💎Mainnet 1.0 by Wanchain, the first platform for private cross-chain smart contracts

                    🌌Tech news:

💎The U.S. city of Virginia Beach has granted $500,000 to help establish a new bitcoin mine in the area

💎Bitmain has announcedthe Antminer A3 ASIC Miner for Siacoin. New Antminer A3 will cost US$2,375, which does not include shipping costs or taxes

💎Blockchain.info, a digital wallet provider, have begun offering users in 22 states the ability to buy and sell Bitcoin and plans to continue adding services for US-based clients, including Ether and Bitcoin Cash exchanges

💎Intercontinental Exchange jointly with Blockchain tech company Blockstream to bring “disciplined” Bitcoin price information to major Wall Street investors

💎Pinnacle, a full featured multi-exchange investment application with true trading automation and complete account management functions that will connect all other major exchanges and brokerages into a single access point

💎Upgrades LuxCore, blockchain services platform such as Segwit upgrade, revolutionary layers of privacy and security and closed source services like parallel masternodes and LuxGate

May the Bitcoin be with you!
                    💎Bot Tippr for Bitcoin Cash micropayments
Tippr allows to send microtransactions in Reddit and Twitter  using BCH.

                    🌌Lightning Charge and e-commerce Store by Blockstream for micropayment revolution

Blockstream has announced a micropayment processing system Lightning Charge. 

                    ✅Dogezer – decentralized software development platform 
⛓Blockchain: Ethereum
🗓Dates: 15 January 2018 – 8 March 2018
✔️Soft cap: $1 000 000
🇷🇺Country: Russia

                    🔮2018 supposed to be a year of Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things (according to Gartner research)

                    🦄Tech news:

💎Bitcoin ABC has released its new software version, 0.16.2. The update includes the CashAddr Address Format, a new encoding of the previous format that followed the SegWit1x (BTC) address format. 

💎Trading technology provider Horizon Software has ‎started allowing clients to trade Bitcoin and several other digital coins through its ‎newly minted gateway.‎ Horizon’s native gateway connects the main cryptocurrency exchanges, including ‎Kraken, Bitstamp, Bitfinex and GDAX. The platform also provides robust financial tools.

💎Now in the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) ecosystem, transactions have gained better traction and handling, with Bitmain’s Antpool shifting its block size limit to twice its current capacity. Now mining 4MB blocks, Antpool’s upgraded limit indicates the possibility of 8MB blocks in the near future.

💎The government of Switzerland is working on development regulations for the blockchain and ICO industry. Leader the movement is Taskforce Blockchain, a group led by the country’s Finance and Economic and Education ministers.

💎Madeline Eden, a Bitcoin advocate, Blockchain developer and politician currently running for Congress, aims to improve the United States electoral systems through the blockchain technology.

May the Bitcoin be with you!
                    ✅Project: EnergiToken – a platform to reward energy efficient behaviour through EnergiToken.
⛓Blockchain: Ethereum
💰Soft cap: $2,000,000
💰Hard cap: $15,000,000
Country: Gibraltar 🇬🇮 

“… a brilliant startup using ICOs to revolutionize the world of blockchain.”
— Forbes

                    🛣Blockchain on roads!
How blockchain can be used in Transport Alliance.

                    🏙Smart Dubai is going to widespread blockchain technology and launches 20 projects on it

                    👟Step up
Solutions beyond the scope
✅Startup review

🏡Peer-to-peer technology for more convenient purchase of dream home

Homie, an American startup, which uses technology, innovative software and expert customer service to make buying or selling a home fast and easy.

                    🌌Tech news:

💎Salt lending is an opportunity for investors, BTC holders, ETH that provides a large reward and is a way to cut taxes. The platform lends users money against their Bitcoin.

💎Baidu Trust, a platform made by Baidu, is a blockchain-as-a-service platform. It is announced as an efficient and low-cost traceability and trading platform that can also be used for digital ticketing, bank credit management, exchange-traded securities, and other activities.

💎MoneyGram, the remittance giant, will run a pilot program to use XRP for some of its day-to-day operations to determine whether or not the company will use XRP for its consumer-oriented products in the future.

💎African youths now gets political voice through blockchain. African young people are open to blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

💎IBM, Comcast, and MState are teaming up to enable fintech startups in the coming year. The companies are going to give financial assistance to blockchain startups from all over the world over the next six months to maintain the growth for startups who are helping companies implement and deploy blockchain technology solutions.

May the Bitcoin be with you!
                    ​​🔺ICO Review🔺

✔️Project: Dogezer 
✔️What: Decentralized software development platform
✔️Blockchain: Ethereum
✔️Dates: 15 January 2018 – 8 March 2018
✔️Soft cap: $1 000 000
✔️Country: Russia


A platform which integrates all of the necessary tools for people to work together on innovative projects, with the ability to use project specific tokens to reward results and incentivize collaboration.

And get it done together with the best experts around the world by paying them with project specific tokens and shares of your company.

Why spend effort to raise funding, when you can make your team your co-founders and reward them with tokens? Dogezer enables this approach, allowing startup founders to skip time consuming fundraising and concentrate on their Next Big Idea.

Start working through the platform for multiple startup companies around the world and earn fiat, crypto or a share in these companies equity and future revenues.

❗️ALPHA VERSION IS LIVE -  https://dogezer.io/ ❗️

Get your ICO started through the platform in a matter of minutes:
➖Token Generation
➖SmartContract Deployment
➖Team Building and Project Management
➖Marketing Page for your ICO
➖Bounty Campaign Management

➖Talent Marketplace (Like Upwork)
➖Version Control System (Like GitHub)
➖Documents Editor (Like Google Docs)
➖Task Tracker (Like Jira and Asana)
➖Cloud Storage (Like Dropbox)
➖Integrated Messaging (Like Slack)
➖Self Evolving