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                    Robinhood Starts Rolling Out Cryptocurrency Trading Today
Robinhood has finally launched today its highly anticipated crypto trading for bitcoin and ethereum, allowing its now 4 million investors to trade cryptocurrencies alongside stocks, ETFs, and options on the…
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                    20+ South Korean Cryptocurrency Exchanges Voluntarily Undergo Evaluations
Over twenty cryptocurrency exchanges in South Korea have agreed to undergo evaluations, including the country’s top four exchanges: Upbit, Bithumb, Coinone, and Korbit. This is part of their self-regulatory efforts,…
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                    Russian Lawmaker Proposes Legalization of Cryptocurrencies to Attract Investments
The head of the Russian State Duma Committee for Economic Policy has proposed legalizing cryptocurrencies in order to attract foreign investments including from countries with anti-Russian sanctions. Also read: Indians Look…
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                    Bug at Japanese Government-Approved Zaif Exchange Let Users Get Free Bitcoin
Have you ever dreamed about buying bitcoin for only $1,000, $100 or even just $10? What about a round at $0? Some fast and sharp eyed customers of the Japanese…
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                    Islamic Republic of Iran to “Control and Prevent” Growth of Cryptocurrencies
جمهوری اسلامی ایران‎ The Islamic Republic of Iran has apparently changed course on cryptocurrency, or perhaps it has clarified its real position previously mischaracterized by the press. It’s increasingly difficult…
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                    PR: IQeon Gaming Ecosystem – Female Celebrities and Their Favorite Computer Games
In the modern world, there should be no prejudices that men play more computer games than women. There are females who are heavy gamers irrespective of how tough their schedule…
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                    Russian Authorities Criticized over Proposed Crypto Regulation
Criticism aimed at authorities and the new legislation on “digital financial assets” is mounting in Russia. Local officials have rebuked lawmakers in the capital over slow progress, warning that the…
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                    Ross Ulbricht Denied Post-Conviction Relief Extension
The man convicted of creating the Silk Road marketplace, Ross Ulbricht, has lost yet another appeal to extend his “post-conviction relief.” Judge Katherine Forrest, the judge who sentenced Ulbricht to…
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                    66% of Funding to Stop the AI Apocalypse Comes from Crypto Donors
Have you ever suffered from existential dread about what will happen when the smart contracts will be smarter than you? Or that a blockchain can become self aware and force…
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                    Bitcoin Skeptic Dennis Gartman Duped by Dubious Blockchain Investment
‘Commodities King’ Dennis Gartman has been left with a red face and diminished pension fund after investing in a dubious blockchain company. Shares in Riot Blockchain Inc plunged by 30%…
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                    Bitcoin Usage Falls to Its Lowest in Months
There’s never a bad time to be sending and receiving bitcoin, but right now is especially good. Fees are at the lowest in 18 months, with the average transaction value…
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                    You Can Now Tokenize Yourself
The future was meant to involve flying cars and jetpacks. Instead, it involves tokenizing yourself on the blockchain. It was Andy Warhol who famously observed that in the future everyone…
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                    PR: Bitcoin Holders, Please Claim Your BCP and BCPC, as They Will Be on Exchanges Soon
The mainchain energy coin BCP and the sidechain clearance coin BCPC belongs to Bitcoin’s Parallel Ecosystem. All Bitcoin holders of BTC chain at the block height 507,000 on January 30th…
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                    Bafin Clarifies Stance on ICOs as More Germans Ask About Tokens
Germany’s financial regulator has clarified its position on initial coin offerings. Bafin admitted it was receiving many inquiries about the status of tokens and cryptocurrencies distributed to investors through ICOs.…
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                    Regain Control From Nanny Zuck – How You Make Facebook Show You The News Again
The beginning of 2018 saw a dramatic change in how the world’s most popular social media platform, Facebook, presented its content. Curation has always been a real issue with Facebook,…
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                    How South Korean Government Prevents Officials from Insider Crypto Trading
South Korea currently has no law against government officials insider trading with the knowledge of cryptocurrency regulations. The case against an employee of the country’s Financial Supervisory Service FSS accused…
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                    Tesla Hit by Hackers Who Used its Systems to Mine Cryptocurrency
Elon Musk might be able to send his personal Tesla car into space, he might change the way humanity produces and stores energy, and he might even build a colony…
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                    PR: SaaS Company Axpire – for a Better Future
aXpire is an ERP SaaS company offering a suite of products to increase efficiency of service spend and general profit margins. We recently underwent a token sale where we reached…
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                    Smartbtc Sees the Need for Centralized Python-Based Smart Contracts
Just recently the startup Smartbtc announced the execution of a bitcoin-based smart contract written in the Python codebase. The team intended to grow their Twitter following by creating a contract…
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                    Italy Completes Consultations on Registration of Crypto Companies
Public consultations on a new regulatory regime for crypto companies in Italy are now closed. Interested parties were invited by the Ministry of Economy and Finance to share suggestions and…
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