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                    This is to NOTIFY all members of our Group , 

Those seeking advise for any Deposit and Withdrawal problems from our Group , 

We are not responsible for the advise of our members provided to you by DM/  PM

If you are doing so and sharing your Personal and Account details , it will be at your sole risk , 

Our Group has no Liability arises due to such act ..

So use your Sense of Humar before seeking such help,...
                    - TELEGRAM GROUP  -  
          - Only Volatility 75 Indices Trading - 
                  FREE SIGNALS GROUPS   

Click below link to open the Trading Account with us …. 
                    Dear Members,

We will provide Live Free Signals in our dedicated New Telegram Group of traders.
Those who open a new binary . com account with our link.  

In such accounts we will recommend, trading with Lot Size of 0.01 and minimum Capital of $250 only. 
This will be our basic condition to avail this opportunity. 
If you already have a trading account, then you can create New Account with our link in the name of your Family Members or Relatives or Family Friends.

We will provide minimum 2 signals per day within fixed two hours which will be informed in advance , so that no one will be missing these Signals.

So our kind and humble request to members, those who are interested or looking for any clarification please PM/DM.
                    Hello Members, 
Those members from South African Countries specifically, 

are here by requested to use Payment Agent option from Deposit Tab of binary.com
which is faster, secure.

As most of the traders deposit the money without verifying the Account, 
due to which, they land into problem while withdrawals.

So we will advise you not to fund any account without Properly being Verified.
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AT : 375300
TP : 375000

                    Hello friends , 
what we observed with binary.com 
that after our signals , 
70 - 80 members from our free 2 groups put same trade , 
And at the Ssame movement it goes against us. 
99% this obervation is experienced ..

this issue we are discussing on grp from last 1 week

So let's see today's experience also ,

so keep patience with our Singnals...
                    Good Morning Friends, 

Signals are coming up in short while ...
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1 in last 38 days out of 147 signals ..

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                    πŸ‘‰ BUY VOLATILITY 75 INDEX  πŸ‘ˆ

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                    Typo mistakes
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                    πŸ‘‰ BUY VOLATILITY 75 INDEX  πŸ‘ˆ

AT : 389000
TP : 389300

                    Sending signals in short while
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                    πŸ‘‰ BUY VOLATILITY 75 INDEX  πŸ‘ˆ

AT : 384400
TP : 384700