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Development news about Unigram project

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                    The next Unigram update will bring folders, channel statistics and our beloved šŸŽ². 

This will take some more time, hold on!
                    Do you like the new Unigram UI?
                    šŸ”„ New version for Unigram
Build 3.14.2665

What's new:
ā€¢ Enjoy rich text editing: right click on Chat input > Formatting > Show formatting

Microsoft Store
                    šŸ”„ New version for Unigram
Build 3.14.2659

What's new:
Polls 2.0: Visible Votes, Multiple Answers, and Quiz Mode

ā€¢ Create three new kinds of polls.
ā€¢ See who voted for what in polls with visible votes.
ā€¢ Vote for several options in polls that allow multiple answers.
ā€¢ Try to guess the correct answer in quiz-style polls.
ā€¢ Use bots like @QuizBot to create quizzes with multiple questions.

Microsoft Store
                    šŸ”„ New version for Unigram
Build 3.13.2635

What's new:
ā€¢ Right click the 'Send' button and select 'Schedule Message' to automatically send something at a specified time.
ā€¢ Schedule reminders for yourself in the 'Saved Messages' chat.
ā€¢ Get a notification when any of your scheduled messages are sent.

ā€¢ Right click the Send button to send any message without sound ā€“ in case the recipient is sleeping.
ā€¢ Enable Slow Mode in Group Permissions to control how frequently members can post.
ā€¢ Set custom titles for group admins ā€“ like 'Founder', 'CFO' or 'Spam Fighter'.

ā€¢ Choose who can find you on Telegram when they add your number to their phone contacts.

This is also the last Unigram release for Windows Mobile. The app will still work on mobile devices in the future, but it won't receive any new update.
Unigram is being actively developed since 2016 and it has been a long journey together, but it is time for me to move forward.

Of course this doesn't affect in any way Windows desktop, that will continue to receive Unigram updates in the foreseekable future.

Microsoft Store
                    šŸ”„ New version for Unigram
Build 3.12.2606

What's new:
ā€¢ Right click on any chat to archive it.
ā€¢ Right click on your archive to hide it from the chat list.
ā€¢ Pin an unlimited number of chats in your archive.

ā€¢ You can now add any users to your contacts, even if their phone numbers are not visible. 
ā€¢ Quickly add users standing next to you by opening Contacts > Add People Nearby. You will see people who have this section open.

ā€¢ Host local communities by creating location-based group chats from the People Nearby section.

ā€¢ Transfer ownership of group chats and channels by granting full rights to another admin. Useful when switching jobs or if you just want to retire as creator.

ā€¢ Choose who can see your phone number with granular precision in Privacy & Security settings.

For group admins and developers:
ā€¢ Connect a discussion group to your channel to get a 'Discuss' button.
ā€¢ Seamlessly integrate bots with web services.

Microsoft Store
                    šŸ”„ New version for Unigram
Build 3.11.2563

What's new:

ā€¢ Send ultra-lightweight high-quality animated stickers to express emotion with motion.
ā€¢ Receive animated stickers instantly on any connection at just 20-30 KB per sticker.
ā€¢ Enjoy smooth animations at 60 frames per second.
ā€¢ Create new animated sets and upload them to @stickers for everybody to use.
ā€¢ Try animated stickers from the Trending tab in your sticker panel.

ā€¢ Global permissions for groups. Restrict all members in any group from posting certain types of content.
ā€¢ Unified group settings. Make groups public, set admins with granular permissions and toggle persistent history in just a few taps in any group. 
ā€¢ Control whether your messages link back to your account when forwarded.
ā€¢ Control who may see your profile picture.
ā€¢ Search for individual stickers using words (based on the relevant emoji), enjoy improved GIF search.
ā€¢ Share and set backgrounds via links that work on all platforms.
ā€¢ Set a different background for each theme (e.g., light and dark).
ā€¢ Use backgrounds you set on one device on your other devices.
ā€¢ Enjoy a selection of new backgrounds.

Microsoft Store
                    šŸ”„ New version for Unigram
Build 3.9.2495

What's new:
ā€¢ Improved navigation for busy chats: Scroll up to see the message date.
ā€¢ "Flash window when receiving a notification" can be disabled from Settings > Notifications and Sounds.

Microsoft Store
                    I just made our test group public at @unigraminsiders.
If you are Iranian and you can't be part of this group you can join our exclusive šŸ‡®šŸ‡· chat.
                    šŸ”„ New version for Unigram
Build 3.9.2461

What's new:
ā€¢ (Almost) full featured in-app music player.
ā€¢ New shiny system tray icon (You can disable it from Settings > Advanced).

Microsoft Store
                    Iā€™m currently working on a deeper desktop integration in Unigram, this will bring system tray icon, better notifications and much more.

If you want to partecipate to the beta send me your Store email address using @UnigramBot.
                    šŸ”„ New version for Unigram
Build 3.8.2411

What's new:
ā€¢ More emoji sets: you can now download them from Chat Settings.
ā€¢ Search emoji by keywords from the emoji panel.
ā€¢ Added emoji skin tone selector.
ā€¢ You can now start typing anywhere to compose a message, or, if you don't have any open chat, to trigger a search.

Microsoft Store
                    šŸ”„ New version for Unigram
Build 3.8.2376

What's new:
ā€¢ Choose the emoji set you would like to use in Chat Settings.

Microsoft Store
                    šŸ”„ New version for Unigram
Build 3.7.2309

What's new:
ā€¢ Custom Themes (beta)
You can now install and share custom themes, as well as create them using the new Theme Editor in Settings > Appearance.
ā€¢ A new way to display the chat list (You can enable it in settings).
ā€¢ Forward messages as copy.
ā€¢ Added a lot of tiny animations.
ā€¢ Bug fixes and improvements.

Microsoft Store
                    We've just released a new update that includes a bunch of bug fixes and improvements for the app.

We've also restored Swipe to reply/forward functionality on Anniversary Update, as this is going to be the last version of the app to support this specific version of Windows 10 as it has been released in 2016 and it is no longer supported by Microsoft it since April 10, 2018.
This won't impact most fo the users in any way, as they're running already newer versions of Windows 10, so there's no reason to worry: this change allows us to stay up to date with latest technologies and to focus on improving the app even more.
                    šŸ”„ New version for Unigram
Build 3.6.2263

What's new:
ā€¢ Search for Stickers. Scroll up in the sticker panel and use the new search field to quickly locate your sticker sets or discover new ones, enjoy improved GIF search.
ā€¢ Delete any message on both ends in any private chat, anytime.
ā€¢ Swipe to reply/forward using your laptop touchpad.

Microsoft Store
                    Hello, Iā€™m planning to implement touchpad gestures in Unigram, and to do so I need a trackpad where to test the code, so I want to give you the opportunity to contribute in a concrete way to the development of the app: https://paypal.me/pools/c/8dVdWkYKm8

The goal is 57,99ā‚¬, and we reached 37% of it already (Thank you, Alex).
Feel free to leave an amount, any amount, if you want to! It would be really appreciated šŸ˜Š