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                    US officials now investigating Binance for potential insider trading, market manipulation: report
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                    Fear and greed index neutral.
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                    Bitcoin millionaires holding 100 to 10k BTC dumped 70k BTC between Sep. 6th & 9th, and the price dropped -14.7% by the 10th. These same whales have now accumulated 60k BTC back the past 3 days, and price is back up 5%. 

Coincidence? Absolutely not
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                    Closing now rest of position around 48000-48100
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Exchange: ByBit
Entry at: 47500 - 47300
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Stop Loss: 46790

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                    BTC/USD current supports and resistances.
                    Long-term holders have set the floor and continue to lock up #Bitcoin at an impressive rate. We have entered a macro supply squeeze (also shown by other metrics) led by long-term investors. If this trajectory continues, expecting a very exciting next few months for #bitcoin .
                    #Bitcoin mining hash-rate has now recovered by 54% from the 2021 lows.

Approximately half of the mining network went offline in May, as the full impact of the Great Mining Migration was felt.

This recovery suggests that around a quarter of the peak hash-rate remains offline.
                    Four reasons why Bitcoin could breakout:

- 3.2K long BTC positions were created in bitfinex.
- Addresses with 10K to 100K BTC purchased 60K BTC.
- 80K BTC withdrawn from known crypto exchanges wallets. 
- Large transactions volume on the BTC network surpassed $451 billion.
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                    Long-Term Holder owned supply has reached 79.5% of all BTC coins this week, which is equivalent to the level reached in October, prior to the bull market kicking off β€” source
                    Bitcoin Transactions being made to exchanges has significantly slowed down, indicating less sell pressure. 

We can see transactions being deposited to exchanges was moderately high from February - May.
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                    MicroStrategy has purchased an additional 5,050 bitcoins for ~$242.9 million in cash at an average price of ~$48,099 per bitcoinΒ . As of 9/12/21 we hodl ~114,042 bitcoins acquired for ~$3.16 billion at an average price of ~$27,713 per bitcoin.