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Tommy Robinson speaks. For Theresa May, JC and all their little friends.

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                    I'll go live tomorrow night to explain in greater detail as my reception is terrible here.
                    'You can stop the speaker but not the speech'

Me reading Martin Sellner's speech at speaker's corner after he was prevented from entering the UK.
                    Live put back until 9:30pm.
                    Live in 5mins
                    I'll be live on my VK at 7:45pm with an important update, see you there:

                    Absolute state of this. 

The team behind a town's promotional video criticised for being "white-washed" says it is listening to feedback in order to "make it better".

The video is aimed at drawing visitors back to Cheltenham after the coronavirus lockdown, but some residents claim it lacks diversity.

Florence Nyasamo-Thomas of Cheltenham Black Lives Matter said the video "doesn't show who we are".
                    I'll be live on my VK at 7:45pm with an important update, see you there:

                    Derbyshire police "negotiate" with the Muslim community before investigating "grooming gangs" as not to "offend" them!
                    Change of time for VK live. I will be on at 7.45 now, see you then!
                    I accidentally spilt some blue paint on a Black Lives Matter mural. I hope nobody reports this as a hate crime! 😲
                    'Lush' in Victoria station, London, got all their virtue signals out 🙈
                    As if I'm going to listen to the Communist WHO? The virus came from Wuhan in China, that's not biased, it's the TRUTH! Bloody Marxist algorithms!!!!

The institutionally racist police force of New South Wales won a Supreme Court case to stop a Black Lives Matter protest from taking place on Tuesday, July 28th due to coronavirus concerns. 

Question - As BAME people are disproportionally affected by the China Wuhan virus in terms of DEATH, does that mean the institutionally racist Police force of New South Wales are protecting black lives by preventing a BLM protest? Or are they still racist? 

The family organising the event are determined to continue with their protest regardless. Do they care about other black lives being disproportionally affected by the China Wuhan virus?

The death of David Dungay Junior was a tragedy, but he attacked prison guards, his death was the result of having a sedative administered by a nurse after being restrained by them, he did not comply with their orders. David was serving time for assault, aggravated sexual assault and robbery at the time. My colleague Avi goes through this in some detail here - https://www.tr.news/blm-protest-sydney/
                    Police looking for "tanned" man.
                    “Muslims have raped at least 5 lakh Kaffirs in the UK in last 40 years,” says survivor of Pakistani grooming gangs.

“When I was being beaten, I was called a white slag, white whore and white c*#t.” Dr. Hill pointed out that her white skin was always on the mind of her Muslim perpetrator.

                    I will be going live on VK tonight at 7.30 to give you an update. See you there!
                    This lad gets it! Democrats (and left wingers generally) dont care about black people, they only care about POWER!

That's such a shame! Does anyone find this interesting? People have been charged with hate crimes for defacing a mural representing a movement and organisation that wants to destroy the nuclear family, democracy, hates white people and ignores the role of men in the world? Attacking Marxist misandry is a hate crime? Really?
                    So this clown Jussie Smollett faked a racially motivated attack against himself because he doesn’t like Trump. He stands in front of trump tower giving the racist black panther black power fist. Why is this man not behind bars for attempting to start a race war? It must be his white privilege.