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                    Acca down on the first ffs how there wasn't a goal in wurzberger is beyond me! Anyway I'm on the next as a single in a few mins when odds rise good luck if you follow!really hoping its not one of those goal draughts days 🤞
                    Top 4 fh goal acca from xbet edge with high %... which we have landed SOO many times and usually when we lose were 1 short! I will also do singles if I get a chance! Good luck if you follow x
                    💥BOOM shared this in premium 3.00 odds ✅ ...the power of our new upcoming xbet edge app which helps you to easily see trends of wins, btts, over 2.5 goals and corners. The app will be available very soon if you want to be notified subscribe on our website here www.xbetedge.com

Back tomorrow when xbet edge stats are updated! Good night all x
                    Good morning all!x yesterdays 0.5 fh goal acca let down by 1 ffs in sparta rotterdam! I recovered my loss through the single on beerschot (never let us down lol)! Anyway its Thursday so there are no bets from me today I will back tomorrow when xbet edge updates with weekend games where there will be a wider selection of games to pick from! Stay safe everyone x
                    💥BOOM get in! And the win continues! Over 0.5 fh goal acca is riding risk free x
                    Whoop whoop Beerschot are playing in a few mins and you know what that means 😉 first half goal is incoming take it in play when odds rise...we have won every single one to date so were due a loss the question is will it be today? 🤔 good luck if you follow x
                    Morning everyone!x I will be on  this top 4 0.5 fh goals from xbet edge paying just over 3 odds! I have left beerschot of the list as always I will be a on fh goal single with them and were due a loss me thinks as we havent lost to date so set your notifications! Good luck if you follow x
                    Happy Monday everyone!x what another great weekend for me thanks to https://www.xbetedge.com

...as always i take a "break from betting" day so no bets from me! Have a great day and stay safe all x
                    💥BOOM easy work💰 if you followed 4 and 5 odds ✅simply took the top 5 from xbet edge simples! Join here www.xbetedge.com x
                    💥BOOM we are a due a loss BUT it wont be TODAY ! get in 💥
                    Whoop whoop beerschot 😅 everyone knows the deal on this game for me - fh goal incoming 🤞! To date I haven't lost yet...this means a lost is due soon but until then I will continue backing a fh goal riding the trend profited massively from them so won't be too upset if this doesn't boom for me! Kicking off in 5mins take inplay when odds rise good luck if you follow x
                    Coming along nicely 3/3 so far rangers left👌 missed the singles due to early goals but hopefully people got on this...its why we also have a 4 fold! Currently paying 2.3 odds if anyone wants to cash it OR lay/back the opposite for a guaranteed profit! Smashing today! 💥

All selections taken from xbet edge directly...join here www.xbetedge.com x
                    Feyenoord fh goal 💥 didn't get on as I waiting on odds of 1.55 but thats why we have the 4 fold! 

Anyway another btts and winner shared using stats and insights from our upcoming xbet edge app! These will only be shared with premium members who are signed up to our current platform! If you want to get a head start join us now at www.xbetedge.com and get access to the stats and the premium vip channel! Shared a couple more but a great start so far 🤞 

Don't forget the next fh goal in the list x
                    Good morning everyone!x Shared by a highly respected member in premium using top 4 from xbet edge! Yesterday we were 1 short but I got on a couple of singles so was happy plus all my other winners! Same thing here you can either run them as a roller (don't recommend) or do singles! I will be on singles! May have some other bets later x
                    Personally turned it around using goals & simple insights from our enhanced upcoming Xbet edge app to create informed bets today and shared in premium!
4.00 odds✅
2.1 odds ✅
2.1 odds✅
3.4 odds✅
1.9 odds✅
2.1 odds❌ screwed up by VAR otherwise a full house!

Plus 3/4 fh goals!💥

There SO MANY ways xbet edge will help you make informed betting decisions!

Im loving the new app I cant wait to give you all FREE access to the app so if you want to be notified when the app is available please subscribe on our website here! www.xbetedge.com 

Our premium members will get first access before anybody!

Good night all x