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                    MDRN Canvas Sneaker by MDRN ALT
Our hemp sneakers uses 75% less water than the competition   »  https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/mdrnalt/mdrn-canvas-sneakers
                    @Motivational channel
                    The BEST NEWS re CΟRΟNΑ VΙrus you've heard all month! Kinda
                    The BEST NEWS re CΟRΟNΑ VΙrus you've heard all month! Kinda  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CtfqUtW_8AA&t=2728s                                           My work now backed up on Brighteon.com. (more below) Is this truly Viral or is it F.I.V.E.-G? C.H.I.N.A has unleashed 60 Ghz all throughout the country with WU-HAN as the PILOT CITY. Unbelievable comparisons to symptoms 'showing' as a V-Irus compared vs what happens when one is hit with 60GHz waves, and it's impact on the uptake of oxygen via the hemoglobin. This specific frequency is absorbed by oxygen. 60GHz causes the rotation of the electrons around the oxygen molecule to spin, thus inhibiting the ability of hemoglobin to properly uptake these oxygen molecules. What would be the ultimate 'solution' to such a problem as this "V.I.Rus"?   » 
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                    @Motivational channel
The 1st waterproof cannabis shoes 🌲👟 https://youtu.be/WLx7lsbZ29s          »»   DopeKicks is a casual all-around shoe. There are a few reasons why we stand out. Here are our main features...
✅ Made with Hemp fibers
✅ Recycled rubber outsoles (100g per shoe)
✅ Premium cork Insoles
✅ 100% Waterproof
✅ 100% vegan
✅ Cool design

More about us on http://weardopekicks.com
                    Compilation of LEΑKS from Wuhαn. How many are actually dealing w/ "Coronavirus"?? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p_LN0T01wRU         » There are opinions 'the virus' is a scam. It covers up other issues the government doesn't want the public to know. .....Or it's man-made for a reason....  What do YOU think?
                    Following years of pressure from #environmental groups, the #Food and #Drug Administration (#FDA) has issued recommended guidelines regarding the amount of lead allowed in #lipstick and other #cosmetics.
"#Lead is a #chemical element for which #toxicity in #humans has been well documented," the FDA wrote in its draft guidelines, issued on Wednesday, as reported by the Hill. "Cosmetics manufacturers are responsible for avoiding potentially #harmful levels of lead in their finished products."
The new limits call for no more than 10 parts per million (PPM) of lead in lipstick, #lipgloss, #lipliner, #eyeshadow, #blush, #shampoo, and body #lotion.
The campaign for #SafeCosmetics has called out the FDA for not acting on the problem of lead in beauty products ever since publishing its 2007 study "A Poison Kiss", which found that 61% of lispticks contained lead up to .65 ppm. A 2010 follow-up stufy by the FDA found levels of up to 7.19 ppm, with the highest levels discovered in brands including #CoverGirl, #LOreal, and #Revlon.
The campaign pointed to studies that found any amount of lead exposure is unsafe and has been linked to #neurotoxicity, reduced #fertility in both men and women, hormonal changes, and delayed onset of #puberty.
The Environmental Working Group (EWG), however, belives the new guidance does not go far enough. Lead has no place in personal care products, especially products marketed to children, who are especially #vulnerable to the #toxic effects of lead. While we welcome renewed attention from FDA, we urge the agency to prohibit the presence of lead in lip products marketed to #children and to require a #warning on all personal care products that contain lead," Scott Faber, senior vice president of governmental affairs for #EWG, said in a statement.
#VeganicTareCk #TBMnews
                    #Sodium #Lauryl #Sulfate (SLS) is an inexpensive detergent and surfactant that is widely used in #shampoo, #body #wash, #shaving #cream, #toothpaste, and other products.

The American College of Toxicology found that SLS easily penetrates the #skin and can circulate in the body for up to 5 days, leaving residues in the heart, liver, lungs, and brain.

#SLS can strip #moisture and #oils from the hair and skin, causing #rashes, #hair #loss, and a condition similar to #dandruff.

The Journal of Investigative Dermatology found that SLS produces skin and hair damage, including #cracking, and severe inflammation of the derma-epidermis tissue.

Another older study fouund that SLS damages #DNA in cells.

It’s bad enough that these #chemicals are widely used in products made for adults, but the sad truth is they are also contained in products marketed for infants and children.
This group is most at risk from chemicals in personal care products because of its under-developed detoxification capabilities and the highly porous nature of the skin.

Finding shampoo and other personal care products that do not contain these toxic chemicals can be a chore.
The best place to look is at health food stores, or an online equivalent. Seeing a product labeled as ‘natural’ doesn’t mean it is free of these chemicals.
Go for #certified #bones organic and above all, read the label." Source: naturalsociety.com

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