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                    Code explainer
The tool explains what your code does by parsing it. In human readable format.
                    Books into messenger
The app splits book's text into twitter-sized parts, so they can be sent to any messenger to ease reading process for people who want to read, but find it difficult to read large texts.
                    Smart conferencing
Video Conferencing software that automatically mutes the person munching/ chewing on an open microphone.
                    Now I'm a gardener
A monthly subscription box for plants & seeds.
                    Genome Storage
Problem: The cost to sequence the human genome continues to decline; because of this and given the fact that more genomes will be sequenced in the future, it is extremely important that when these genomes are sequenced they are stored securely and safely since it is very sensitive data.

Solution: Secure health records database to store things like human genomes. Costs of sequencing the genome have decreased from over $10,000 to less than $1,000.
                    Duolingo alarm
Duolingo alarm clock feature that wakes you up with a new word in a language you're trying to learn.
                    Phobia blocker
A browser extension that blurs pictures of anything you have a phobia off - Arachnophobia, Apiphobia, Musophobia etc.
                    ⁠Trend: Cannabidiol industry
The global cannabidiol market was valued at USD 4.6 billion in 2018 and is anticipated to witness a lucrative CAGR of 22.2% over the forecast period. The demand for cannabidiol (CBD) for medical and wellness purposes is high due to its healing properties, which is the key factor driving the growth of the market. Moreover, growing product adoption and utilization owing to government approvals is a major factor anticipated to drive the demand for cannabidiol infused products.

Useful links: CDB market size
                    Plant growth anticipation app
AR app that shows you what a plant looks like when you scroll over the seed label.
                    A new category: Trends.

Pi-hole bills itself as a “black hole for internet advertisements”. The application blocks ads and internet trackers at the network level. It also runs on a Raspberry Pi, hence the name Pi-hole. Normal ad blockers operate in the device browser. But Pi-hole works for all devices connected to the network. This is part of the broader data privacy megatrend where people are increasingly wary of big tech companies snooping on their internet activity and personal data.
                    Blood analyzer
The app scans your blood test results, analyzes and summarizes them in a human-readable format.
                    Paragraph splitter
The app allows you to add readability to a user's text by splitting it into paragraphs.
                    Advanced e-books
Electronic books that can analyze the text to produce natural sounds while you're reading. E.g. if it's a thriller, the book produces creepy sound effects.
                    Hotel booking
You will be able to choose hotel rooms and preferred amenities like you choose seats on a plane.
                    If we build a electronic device that will enhance the efficiency of solar panel by 45-50% that device is compatible with all type of solar panels.
                    Travel tour guide
Remove a layer between travelers and tours - agencies that helps you to pick tours. The app should help travelers to pick the best tour by their preferences: location, temperature, money, interests/hobbies, etc.
                    Food-picking dating
A dating app where a user picks food he wants to eat, the app matches a user with other user with the same food preferences. Also, it helps to choose a restaurant.
                    Vitamins helper
An app where you input your diet and it tells you what vitamins etc you are lacking.
                    Incognito bookmarks
Separated bookmarks available when you browse in browser's "Incognito" mode. They disappear when you're on default mode. Will be loaded only in Incognito.
                    Broken links detector
A browser extension that highlights broken links on webpages.