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Starling Bank is a mobile-only bank offering personal, joint and business accounts. Our app helps...

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                    Six things you need to know about Pensions

To mark National Pension Awareness Week, we’ve teamed up with our partners in the Starling Marketplace, PensionBee and Penfold, to help you…

                    Dragonfly: Cinematic video content for brands

When Charlie Southall applied to a charity for a business loan in 2005, he never imagined what he would go on to create. At the time, all he…

                    Don’t be afraid to say no to fraudsters

The 13th September marks the start of Take Five Week, with this year's theme being ‘The Art of Saying No’. The initiative aims to help…

                    A parent’s guide to student finance

As parents wave their children off to university, we asked freelance journalist Abby Young-Powell to share a simple guide to student finance…

                    Winton Watch Company: How two strangers met on a train and started a business

Not many people make lifelong friends on a train, let alone start companies with a person they met in Coach C. But that’s the story of Chris…

                    Starling milestones: Summer 2021

As summer draws to a close, we share a few of our recent highlights. Starling now has more than 2.4 million open accounts, including 400,00…

                    Brum Driving School: Tailored driving lessons

Learning to drive can be both daunting and exciting, challenging and rewarding. As the co-founder of Brum Driving School and mother of two…

                    Essential tips for budgeting your wedding

Whether you have £20,000, £10,000 or £500 to spend, you need to plan your budget. Lucy Cafferkey, senior PR manager at Starling Bank, shares…

                    Five top tips: Everyday money lessons for children

For anyone starting 2020 intent on getting on the property ladder this year, the task ahead may seem daunting – even by the standards of…

                    Switching to Starling after 50 years with a high street bank

“I’m part of a generation that doesn’t tend to change banks,” says Father Stephen Brown. “I joined my high street bank before I went to…

                    How do I plan an eco-friendly holiday?

The surge in staycations has focused attention on more environmentally-friendly holidays. Here, we outline some tips to help you plan…

                    Swank Wash: Growing a car detailing brand

“Offering a professional service is one thing. But it’s brands that hold a lot of the cards,” says Benjamin Mossman, founder of Swank Wash…

                    Seven money books by women with something for everyone

What is your financial priority? Whether you're building up a rainy day fund, chipping away at your overdraft or keen to better understand…

                    Be-kin: Interior design with a focus on mental wellbeing

What makes Be-kin different from other interior design studios is its focus on mental wellbeing. Founded by London-based designer Wren…

                    Imagine Me Stories: Challenging stereotypes in children’s books

Keisha Ehigie, a London-based entrepreneur, founded Imagine Me Stories to make it easier for children and parents to find representative and…

                    Three of the most loved Starling Bank app features from our customers

What’s your favourite Starling app feature? We asked our social media followers and here are the ones that came up most often: Saving Spaces…

                    How to budget for a holiday

Now things are opening up again, many of us are thinking about getting away for a holiday. Here are some tips to help you budget for your…

                    Building websites and planting trees

Alex Baker built his first website when he was just 13 after stumbling across a website for freelancers. “There was a post asking for a new…

                    Track Record: Olympic lessons for business success

“Throughout three Olympic Games - Athens, Beijing and London - I developed a total passion not for winning races but for understanding…

                    Shh! Four ‘behind the scenes’ secrets of working at Starling

“Starling is the most inclusive workplace that I’ve ever worked at,” says Learning & Development Trainer Erin Wilcox. “I’m not afraid to be…