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We share information related to trading strategies and auto trading system.

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We share information related to trading strategies and auto trading system. www.SquareOff.in is an Algo Trading firm,provides automated trading system. Msg us at @squareoff & PH: 7550230703
                    Session will start at 10am today, use the link above to register for the webinar. If you are not available, no worries, we will send you the Recorded session of the webinar.
                    here's the performance report of trading strategy, we will be covering tomorrow. in terms of Percentage for One lakh capital.
                    If you were wondering what would have been brokerage and taxes on this trade, here the net profit details. Rs.140 was deducted in total. still ended up with around 0.5% profit
                    Duration of webinar will be around two hours andv recorded sessions will be provided to all registered users.

The strategy doesn't not involve any indicators

This strategy doesn't require frequent monitoring, so alerts are not required. The system will generate trigger  levels in few mins after market opens, you can simply place the order and continue your work.

On an average only 8 trades in a month will be triggered, as mentioned above you don't need to sit whole day to trade, levels will be generated when market opens, you can place the order and continue with your job.
                    This is for 40 quantity
                    here's the stats
                    Here's the results of the Bank NIFTY futures using this strategy
                    https://imjo.in/BSHAhu use this link for webinar Registration. Interested folks try to book your slots early, as the slots are very limited.
                    we will be conducting our famous Golden Ratio - Intraday trading strategy webinar again this Sunday.
                    We have made the orb trading bot more robust now, introduced additional parameters which would increase the over all profits , can expect around 80-90% returns from it with maximum drawdown of 30-40%. 
Also from Monday users will have options to choose their own target % and risk % along with capital.

So all you have to do is , enter capital, your desired target % and risk % . Based on this , Our bot will send you the automated link at 9:30am, you just click to place order. That’s it. In few seconds, your work is over, let the bot do the trading for you. 

It will be available for free for next week as well.
                    Out orb trading bot has ended up with 0.6% profit today
                    Use this link if you have not got it from. The bot
                    Here's the link to. Place the orb order for 10k capital