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I created all the art on this channel. This is as personal as it gets, folks!

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                    My sweet husband brought me flowers.
                    It was a great evening!
                    Two more red dots at my reception!
                    Tonight tonight tonight!
                    Found out today that the same person purchased all 4 of these, and she's going to be hanging them in her Airbnb. I think that's pretty cool.
                    I'm telling you, it pays to network and make friends within your local art community.
                    The Paseo district used my art (with credit) to advertise their small art show!
                    Revisited this piece so I could show my dad, and they have a cool plaque up now!
                    I've been looking at art on Instagram a lot lately, and I'm starting to feel the fire again. I'm not putting any pressure on it. I promised myself rest in September.

This weekend my dad is in town to see my show, and next weekend my mom and my aunt will be here. The weekend following, if nothing else comes up, I'm planning to work on cleaning my studio. It's a mess right now. The weather should be nice for that. 

I believe I'll probably start creating new work in October. I'll probably just start with some loose abstracts to get warmed up, but who knows. That's a little ways away yet, and I may decide to do something entirely else.
                    I'm still very much an emerging artist, but at this point I've done enough things that sometimes I'm actually able to offer suggestions to other artists, which is really cool. 

For example, I was having a conversation with a fellow artist from my collective. She mostly works in watercolor and gouache, and she was lamenting how much of a pain (and expense) framing can be. I mentioned that that's one of the reasons I like to work on gallery wrapped canvas. No framing necessary!

She said "yeah, but that doesn't work for watercolor or gouache". My girl! Let me introduce you to watercolor ground!

She'd never heard of it, and was thrilled to hear about it. So cool!
                    My first ever red dots!! That means these sold!