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                    ScienceAlert - Latest
Scientists Translated a Spiderweb Into Music, And It's Utterly Captivating

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                    NASA’s Perseverance Mars rover is trying to cover more distance in a single month than any rover before it – and it’s doing so using artificial intelligence. 
On the path ahead are sandpits, craters, and fields of sharp rocks that the rover will have to navigate around on its own. At the end of the 3-mile (5-kilometer) journey, which began March 14, 2022, Perseverance will reach an ancient river delta within Jezero Crater, where a lake existed billions of years ago.
Perseverance Mars rover will follow the proposed route to Jezero Crater’s delta shown in this animation. The delta is one of the most important locations the rover will visit as it seeks signs of ancient life on Mars.
                    Researchers at MIT partnered with the Rhode Island School of Design to create a fabric that can hear. While this may seem odd or even invasive, it has remarkable implications across many fields, including medical devices. A shirt could record the heartbeat of someone with cardiac issues. Or help a person who is hard of hearing or blind better navigate the world.

The fiber is piezoelectric, meaning it creates an electric signal when bent. That includes drastic movements like pressing on the material but also tiny ones from sound waves. Piezoelectricity is used in sonars, electronic drum sets, medical imaging, and buzzers like those used on Jeopardy. The energy can even be stored and redistributed, like Black Panther’s Vibranium suit.
                    ScienceAlert - Latest
There's One Simple Aspect of Daily Life Tied to Better Wellbeing, Study Hints

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                    ScienceAlert - Latest
Webb Just Sent Back Its First-Ever Sharp Image of a Star, And It's Breathtaking

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                    What to read today on @science

🔹Record-breaking hydrogen electrolyzer claims 95% efficiency. 

🔹Wild Paper Claims Psychopathy May Not Be a Mental Disorder, But Something Else...

🔹Scientists used the array of 196 lasers to create conditions similar to the hot gas inside gigantic galaxy clusters. 

🔹Ambient nighttime light exposure is implicated as a risk factor for adverse health outcomes, including cardiometabolic disease.

🔹 Familial natural short sleep mutations reduce Alzheimer pathology in mice.
                    Ordinarily, water is used to clean off the layer of dust that continuously accumulates on solar panels. In arid regions, however, doing so can be challenging. A new system addresses this problem, by substituting electrostatic repulsion for water.
                    Monday on @science

🔹Tokamak Energy achieves temperature threshold for commercial fusion. ST-40 spherical tokamak reactor reached a temperature of 100 million °C.

🔹Officials Confirm Several Geomagnetic Storms Are Hitting Earth This Week. 

🔹Ernest Shackleton’s Ship Endurance – Lost in 1915 – Found 10,000 Feet Below the Ocean’s Surface in Antarctica

🔹Groundbreaking X-Ray Lens Provides Incredible Glimpse Into the Nanoworld. This allows the X-ray beams to be accurately focused on a single point even if they have different wavelengths. 

🔹These spiders go off vibes to hunt in packs. Teamwork really does make the dream work.
                    ScienceAlert - Latest
Lead Exposure May Have Lowered The IQ of Half of Americans Since 1940

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                    What to read today on @science

🔹Supercapacitor-battery hybrid device is as strong as steel, lighter than aluminum and boasts a bunch of desirable properties for electric vehicles. And can be used as typical car's body shell, for example.

🔹An exceptional fossil unearthed in Montana has given us the earliest known ancestor of vampire squids and octopuses. This Ancient 'Vampire' Cephalopod From 330 Million Years Ago Is a First of Its Kind. 

🔹Researchers provide the first plausible explanation to why one of the most massive black hole pairs observed to date by gravitational waves also seemed to merge on a non-circular orbit. Their suggested solution,involves a chaotic triple drama inside a giant disk of gas around a super massive black hole in a galaxy far, far away.

🔹The animals that detect disasters. For millennia, people across the globe have reported alarmed animal behaviour in the run-up to natural disasters. Could these signals be used to warn us of impending catastrophes?

🔹Investigating an innovative solution for thermal energy storage. Have you ever gotten relief from summertime heat by draping a wet towel over your head? If so, you've benefited from a phase-change material (PCM).
                    What to read today on @science

🔹The ESA/NASA Solar Orbiter spacecraft is speeding towards its historic first close pass of the Sun. On 14 March, the spacecraft will pass the orbit of Mercury, the scorched inner planet of our Solar System, and on 26 March it will reach closest approach to the Sun.

🔹Detecting cognitive changes early in the onset of dementia would be a game-changer for thousands impacted by the disease and would allow for interventions well before significant brain changes occur. Game-Changing Digital Toolbox May Help Diagnose Dementia Earlier. 

🔹Monkey teeth are shedding new light on how early humans used tools. The macaques of Japan’s Koshima Island well known for performing some remarkably complex tasks, such as washing sweet potatoes and filtering wheat from sand in the seawater, they’ve even been spotted catching live octopuses from the sea.

🔹Astronomers Identify The Largest Molecule Ever Found in a Planet-Forming Disk. In this swirling cloud, astronomers detected the signature of dimethyl ether, a molecule that contains nine atoms.

🔹Utah’s red rock towers shake and shimmy to a predictable beat. The fundamental frequencies of 14 red rock towers fall between 1 Hz and 15 Hz.
                    Salk researchers treated mice with anti-aging regimen beginning in middle age and found no increase in cancer or other health problems later on
                    What to read today on @science :

🔹Scientists Watch a Memory Form in a Living Brain. While watching a fearful memory take shape in the brain of a living fish, neuroscientists see an unexpected level of rewiring occur in the synaptic connections.

🔹An experimental new type of cancer treatment has yielded some impressive results in mice: the eradication of advanced-stage ovarian and colorectal cancer in the animals as little as six days.

🔹Dive into the deepest structures on  Earth:  MetalBallStudios have created an Underground 3D comparison video, and it’s fascinating to see exactly how far down just about everything goes.

🔹As with most things, nature’s data storage system, DNA, far surpasses anything we’ve created. Adding new letters to DNA alphabet doubles density of data storage.

🔹Scientists Map Underwater Topography of More Than 1.4 Million Lakes and Reservoirs Around the World. Online bathymetric dataset will help decision-makers manage water resources.
                    Clarendon dry cell is an electric bell in Oxford that has been ringing for 181 years thanks to a battery that nobody knows what it is made of

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                    ScienceAlert - Latest
Behold The Most Up-to-Date Scientific Reconstruction of a Prehistoric Ichthyosaur

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