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                    Scientists Create a New Kind of Liquid That Can Push Itself Along a Flat Surface
                    Synlight is the largest collection of film projector spotlights ever assembled in one room, and scientists in Germany are turning them all on at once in the pursuit of efficient and renewable energy: http://telegra.ph/Artificial-Sun-03-24
                    An Unexpected New Lung Function Has Been Found - They Make Blood... !!! No comments 👉 https://goo.gl/T3doPH
                    New Technique Allows Us to See Living Samples as Small as 13 Nanometres: https://goo.gl/XLupJy
                    Astronomers Say They've Discovered the Largest Magnetic Fields in the Universe
That includes a 'galactic sausage'
This Mesmerising Time-Lapse of Cell Division Is Real, and It's Spectacular 
Read here: https://goo.gl/z15BXi
                    Scientists are claiming that the classification of two major dinosaur groups has been wrong for over a century, and if they're right, it would be like everyone realising that some types of "cats" are actually dogs
                    A big step towards a carbon-neutral future. 
The discussion on climate has persisted for decades since we first discovered that there is a human-made influence on the environment. From then, many researchers have come together to finagle innovations that reduce our industrial carbon footprint.
One such innovation is the molecular leaf
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                    Despite all that processing power, it's been assumed that the cerebellum functions largely outside the realm of conscious awareness, instead coordinating physical activities like standing and breathing. But now neuroscientists have discovered that it plays an important role in the reward response - one of the main drives that motivate and shape human behaviour
                    Scientists analysed the beat of individual sperm tails (called flagella) to reconstruct their waveform mathematically. By understanding how individual sperm travel through fluid, the researchers say it will help us figure out how larger groups of sperm behave and interact – something that could be crucial for developing treatments for male infertility.
                    7,000 Huge Gas Bubbles Have Formed Under Siberia, and Could Explode at Any Moment
Read here: https://goo.gl/PHY0xi
                    A giant rogue world once described as the "planet that shouldn't be there" looks like it actually formed out in deep space, far from its host star and the cosmic material that usually births planets, according to new research.
The anomaly, called HD 106906b, is a young planet located approximately 300 light-years from Earth in the Crux constellation. HD 106906 was discovered in 2013, and what makes so unique is how distantly it orbits its star – at 650 astronomical units (au), or 650 times the distance from Earth to the Sun
                    Last night, most of us went to the safety and comfort of our beds before drifting off to a night's sleep. For some, this was the last conscious action before an episode of sleepwalking
                    There's a Simple Explanation for This Super Creepy Eyeball
Don't panic.
Chances are you've never seen any eyeball like this before, with what looks like a horrifying growth circling the pupil at the centre
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Scientists have discovered a unique protein that gives away the presence of inactive HIV in the body.
Sniffing out these hidden caches of the virus is something researchers have been trying to do for decades. Now that we have a lead, the finding could speed up research on a cure
                    Here Are the Ages You Peak at Everything Throughout Life
                    This is crazy.
Bizarre pictures have been coming out of Iceland's Thingvellir National Park, where other-worldly zig-zag patterns have appeared on the frozen surface of Lake Thingvallavatn.
According to local reports, the pattern stretches for 2 km (1.2 miles) along the ice, and park officials say they've never seen anything like this before