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                    Complete pdfs of FEB 19
                    924 Must Know - The Hindu Editorial Words

This Course is for SSC/BANK

Here are the links

1- 30 - https://unacademy.com/lesson/the-hindu-editorial-words-series-1-30-in-hindi/OTIO8U8F

31 - 60 - https://unacademy.com/lesson/the-hindu-editorial-words-series-31-60-in-hindi/91IH5ASQ

61- 90 - https://unacademy.com/lesson/the-hindu-editorial-words-series-61-90-in-hindi/WMJEHXHQ

91-120 - https://unacademy.com/lesson/the-hindu-editorial-words-series-91-120-in-hindi/M3I5EKQZ
                    193 - 204 (1000 MCQs Series for SSC Exams) 
Answers - 193 – B – the famous monument
194- A – remove of after comprises
195 – C – Remove article before summer and winter
196 – A – a little imagination
197 – b – a – in place of - the
198 - C 199 - D 200 – B  201 – B  202- C  203 - A 204 – C 

link - https://unacademy.com/lesson/questions-193-204/LI366ZJN
                    Vocab Compilation - Feb 19 

The Hindu Editorial
                    Video Solutions - 19th March 

1.  It looks like there is an didactic tendency latent in human nature that wins out. 
a. maniac
b. picayune
c. imbecilic
d. No Improvement

2.  Google’s YouTube has getting tools that are broadly similar to Facebook’s, but only about 70% of its videos removed are taken down because of search algorithms. 
a. vetting
b. vetted
c. been vetted
d. No Improvement

3.  Already around 34% of India’s population lives in cities and this demographic __________ is expected to grow in the years ahead. 
a. resort
b. cohort
c. deport
d. comfort

                    Day 10 
Video solutions - Common Error

Common Error

1.  An energy policy agenda that (a)/ includes a radical shift from fossil fuels to renewables is (b)/ crucial for India to meeting its goals. (c)/ No Error (d) 

2.  In the 19th century, Jhajjar was handed over (a)/ to Nawab Nijamat Ali Khan by the East India Company, which appointed (b)/ his son Faiz Muhammed Khan by the caretaker in 1813. (c)/ No Error (d)

3.  Since the mid-2000s, the interest (a)/ in happiness, as measured (b)/ by Google searches, has been trebled. (c)/ No Error (d)

4.  In the era of dizzying disruptions, (a)/ we are expecting to change the (b)/ world and find happiness while doing so. (c)/ No Error (d)

5.  There exists AI tools to scan objectionable (a)/ content but human decisions on intervention (b)/ result in little or no action taken. (c)/ No Error (d)

                    Video solutions - 19th March - Day 10 

Basic Grammar

11. When I counted my change I realized they ______ me $ 3 too much. 
A) gave         B) had given 
C) have given         D) had been given 

12. When he’d counted his change he ______ it in his pocket. 
A) was put         B) put 
C) had put         D) has put 

13. As soon as she ______ out of bed she got dressed. 
A) had got         B) gets 
C) has got         D) would get 

14. In a fortnight’s time they ______ their exams. 
A) have taken       B) will have taken 
C) will have been taken     D) had taken 

15. They were very rude to us. We ______ there again. 
A) won’t go         B) hadn’t gone 
C) didn’t go         D) wouldn’t go 

16. In about forty years’ time we’ll probably ______ on pills. 
A) be living         B) have been living 
C) have been lived       D) have lived 

17. A: Why have you set your alarm clock to go off at 5.30? B: Because I ______ then. I have to catch the early train. 
A) get up         B) was going to get up 
C) am going to get up     D) have got 

                    Day 10 - Study with Sanctum for SSC BANK
                    1000 MCQs for SSC EXMAS PDF - Part 1
                    Video Solutions - 18th March 

3.  The _____________ of the stepwells is the responsibility of the State archaeology department 
a)  Mirth
b)  Dearth
c)  Upkeep
d)  conduit

4.   From the references to Stalin and Marx to the many _______ to events and ideas that disrupted our past, Zacharia spares no-one. 
a)  Allusions
b)  Delusion
c)  Collusions
d) trundle 

                    Video Solutions - 18th March

Common Error 

1.  Reading is a habit (a)/ that should be instilled (b)/ from a young age to parents. (c)/ No Error (d)  

2.  Switzerland didn’t invent democracy, (a)/ but provided it a very special (b)/ context to flourish. (c)/ No Error (d) 

3.  Participatory planning is a new form (a)/ of direct democracy that is rapidly taking roots at (b)/ many cities around the world. (c)/ No Error (d)

4.  What emerged was an effervescence (a)/ of knowledge and ideas that bubbled in each corner of the (b)/ perimeter where the event was held. (c)/ No Error (d)

5.  Today’s technologies were visualised in the (a)/ genre of science (b)/ fiction decades ago. (c)/ No Error (d)