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                    Curb your salt
                    DOTA 2 Twitter: "We have banned over 40,000 accounts for players who were found abusing matchmaking. These bans will now appear as game bans in Steam as well as being matchmaking bans in Dota 2."

                    Team Nigma right now
                    Finally managed to achieve an entire page flawless.
                    Team Adroit playing at a net cafe for the qualifiers
                    F for my teammate boys.
                    unpopular opinion: 7.23 may have been really bad, but 7.24 is probably the best patch since 6.88

Nothing much to say, removal of gold and xp talents, more accessible and even map/runes, neutral items adding a unique aspect to item builds, personal couriers, free wards have all made dota much less frustrating and much more dynamic. I am also of the opinion that giving ursa a jump and abyssal blade a blink were good changes that helped a both of them not feel like shit except in very specific scenarios. 

Game feels good to play albeit some heroes are in the dumpster

                    Nikobaby doing his best rtz impression

                    My Favorite Pokemon Evolution
                    Are we still posting glitches? I proudly present my toothless grampa Abba
                    Piece of shit map hacker owned

Match ID: 5235177472

So I just finished this game where our PA kept on accusing the enemy Pudge of map hacking. I wasn't sure at first but after watching the replay I could see PA was telling the truth. 

That trash piece of shit playing Pudge was literally b-lining to wherever our PA was on the map. Take a look at what he does at 3:55 minute mark. The Pudge randomly leaves his mid lane to run into his own top jungle and starts pinging out the PA before he even gets to her. He has no vision but he knows fine well that's where she is.

Again at 9:10 the Pudge comes running to the Dire bot jungle and stands in the river to make a blind hook at the PA. At that time he had absolutely no vision of her but still knew where to throw the hook. The PA grew a brain and dewarded the area so she saw him coming and was able to juke the hook by looks of it.

She getting was pretty ragey (which i found pretty hilarious) but i could see why, after studying the replay. Check the Pudge's camera action at around 12:20. He looks around then starts hovering his cursor on the exact spot where the PA is farming her main jungle. Note once again, the Pudge has no ward vision on the PA. So he grabs a haste rune and starts running straight to her while she's in shroud. He gains on the PA then notices his team mate Lion is being attacked by the Slark and myself (LS) so he hesitates then heads towards Lion while PA escapes. From that point on its pretty much a stomp coz our team has caught up and got their items and we had better late game picks. 

But wait. It's not over yet. Look at 16:50 where Pudge decides to high-tail it up to the rosh pit and ping it where he has absolutely no vision again then throw a blind hook at the PA. Then at 17:17 as the hook is thrown, his mouse cursor wasn't even aiming at where the hook went. 

How the hell does Valve not have an algorithm to pick up on this shit yet? Surely they should be banning cheaters (even the shit ones like this Pudge).

                    Extend the hitbox of backpack to the bottom of the screen to make item swapping faster.
                    Matumba after randoming a hero
                    My girlfriend's experience as a new player and why nobody is going to ever join this shitty ass community in 2020

Let me preface this:

* Yes, she played like 200+ hours of bots before queuing matchmaking
* Yes, she watched lots of YouTube tutorials and alike to try and learn the game before playing
* Yes, I gave her advice and coaching on her play specifically before her games and during

But the best way to learn is to just play pubs, so eventually she had to dive in.

Every game. 9 smurfs. Now, some of them weren't THAT good, but on average the players were definitely at least 4k or so. All with goofy names like "NA PLAYERS ARE APES" or "IM NEW TO DOTA XD". Everyone picked a carry. Sometimes there were cores trying to out last hit each other, sometimes there were junglers. You get the idea.

About 30 seconds into the laning phase every game some kid got on his keyboard and typed "WTF IS WRONG WITH YOU DEGENERATE PIECE OF SHIT SUPPPORT UNINSTALL" or something of that nature. She was doing fine, but obviously it's a bit hard to lane at a 4k level without having played with or against people before to say the least. Of course I told her to just mute these people, and eventually she just muted everyone from the start, but still.

Now, after 10 or 20 games losing almost every one and getting 10-20 deaths a game across that span, now the matchmaking changes a bit. You see, matchmaking is SUPPOSED to sort out smurfs and real new players, but what it really seems to do since 95%+ of new players are smurfs, is sort out the smurfs playing to win and the low lifes just trying to ruin games without tanking behavior score on their main. So now, she gets put in the pile with the ruiners. Tiny airlines, people that follow click you the rest of the match when they see you fuck up once. People that get mad then afk jungle or afk with amulet for the rest of the match. You get the idea. People just trying to lose Dota.

After like 30+ matches she started to get some real players closer to her skill level. That was good. But by that point she had lost most if not all drive she had to keep playing. She doesn't play much anymore.

If you ever wonder why people dont come to Dota THIS IS WHY. No, it's not icefrog "ruining the game" or the mechanics or fortnite or whatever people try to blame. It's the shitty toxic community that thinks smurfing is ok that literally just ruins any experience anyone could have when they're new to Dota.

                    For the first time in 7 years, average monthly CS:GO players are higher than DotA 2
                    The difference between TI winning team and minor winning team
                    can pinging talent trees other than your own be fixed
                    tfw you vaccine your kid
                    Credit to v0vassiN
                    We lost a 60K lead game because mirror shield has 0 cool down on PL illusions

Clip in the link. His illusions were like this since he got the item. (appologize for my friend yelling in chinese XD)