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                    If somebody is showing you music they really like, don't talk over it to them unless it's about the song or urgent. That music could mean a lot to them, and talking shows you're making your thoughts more important than theirs. #Daily Social Tips
                    When getting a soft drink on an airline, always ask for the can and not the glass. When getting the glass, you barely get anything because of the size of the glass and the amount of ice they put in it. If you want ice, just ask for both the can and the cup. #Daily Food Tips
                    If you are expecting any rebates from your holiday shopping, be careful not to accidentally throw them away with the junk mail. Many companies send rebate checks that look like simple post cards or adverts. #Daily Financial Tips
                    Add egg whites for unbelievably fluffy oatmeal that keeps you full longer. #Daily Food Tips
                    Don't wash your meat before cooking it. It has no benefits, and if anything does more harm than good. #Daily Food Tips
                    Traveling to touristy spots during the holiday season? Keep valuables in front pockets to avoid being pickpocketed! #Daily Holiday Tips
                    If hoarding is becoming an issue start taking pictures of sentimental items that you can let go of to free up physical space. The picture helps you keep the memory of the item. #Daily Promotional Tips
                    Don’t rely on other people to provide you with closure, because there’s a chance you might never get it. #Daily Productivity Tips
                    Create a contact in your phone named Spam then block the contact. When a telemarketer calls add the number to that contact. #Daily Productivity Tips
                    If you want to have a good standing with an employer and increase your chance of being a needed asset do the work nobody else wants to do and get good at it. #Daily Productivity Tips
                    Need motivation to continue learning an instrument? Set short goals and SHARE them with others once accomplished. #Daily Productivity Tips
                    If you are feeling overwhelmed at work or in life make a prioritized "To Do" list before you stop for the day. #Daily Productivity Tips