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                    Betray someone with an action, and can be forgiven. betray one with an emotion is often irreversibly done.
                    First law of thermodynamics states that matter or energy cannot be created nor destroyed. This includes our consciousness our souls when we die we are transformed and we are with the Lord so many people don't believe but yet when one dies we soon forget our mortal lives.  and we know that we are home again
                    Know me not by who you think I am, but rather by who I am not
                    Nothing strikes heavier Into the Heart of men like the rapture
                    Behold Satan who dwelleth within in the son of man for the sword of God be upon you.
                    Why do I cry for you to whom I do not know?, because love has no boundary no mixtures no conditions, and I-4 so do love you
                    No flower has a master, and no soil should be owned
                    My GOD allows me to drive unless I can not see the road.
                    When we create the now, we mend the past, and cement our future.
                    Man has eat fish, but also fish has eaten man.
                    They say keep your friends close but keep your enemies closer and if this is the case there's a lot of people that I need to marry
                    Ghost do not exist merely a overlapping of time ?
                    Do not rely upon a person's looks look deep into their eyes for it is the soul that will last the longest
                    No one finds Real religion. Religion finds you .
                    If women know that men are not good at reading between the lines then why it is written that way?  whom is it meant to read these hidden lines. And if a man guesses at the meaning and he is wrong and he is in worse trouble buy the woman this is confusing to menπŸ€·β€β™€πŸ€·β€β™€ sometimes we cannot win because we always lose no matter what LOL
                    Run far, and high my little bubby for winter comes fast, and you are a lamb, and I a wolf. For my eyes shall turn red, and look for the prints of your Hoof's.  Yes run far my little buddy, run far.
                    One beautiful heart is better than thousand beautiful faces. So choose people having beautiful hearts rather than faces.
                    mankind has advanced a lot however, we cannot duplicate the pyramids nor can we explain one of the oldest emotions in the world, (love)
                    When two truely share energy the energy grows beyond both.
                    Do our dreams tell us what to do, or do we tell our dreams