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                    #TWISTED #KERNEL 
TWISTED CUSTOM KERNEL V3.4 Updated on 02-09-2019


By @twistedprime
Source : @kerneldownloads

👉 @PocoPhoneGlobalUpdates
                    Fixes for OxygenOS for Poco F1:

▪️[Added] Deep Sleep and Ambient Display

▪️ANX MIUI camera: 
-Magisk Module

Bugs: Portrait Force stop in rear camera.

▪️Notch FIX : Stuff going under notch.
- Based on OP6 GSI (TWRP)
- Based on OP6T GSI (TWRP)

Credits: @CodeElixir , @amog787 , @paphonb , Abhishek & AEonAX

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                    #Kernel #Franco
Franco Kernel r17 Custom & Stock A8.X & 9.0 Update 2019/2/09



r17 - 8th February, 2019
1. Updated to 4.9.155
2. Merged some updates from CAF
3. Merged some updates from
By franciscofranco

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crDroid v5.1 - Feb 7, 2019 
- Merged android-9.0.0_r31, February security patch
- Kernel upstreamed to 4.9.155
- Kernel compiled with clang 8.0.8
- Migrate to livedisplay 2.0 
- Sepolicy fixes
- dt2w fixes for fts
- Add battery stats reset option
- Ability to hide superuser status bar icon
- crDroid 5.1
- Many more misc fixes
- Upstream merge from lineageOS
- Refer ROM changelog from crDroid Settings > About crDroid > Changelog
                    #DROID #ROM #OFFICIAL #PIE
Cr Droid Official Pie Update 2019/02/08


By gwolfu & Soubhik_sk83
                    #NOS #ROM #PIE
NITROGEN OS Official Pie Updated 2019/02/07

▪️XDA link

*February patch
*Fix exfat sdcard issue
*Fix Clock not staying hidden
*Fixed dt2w for focaltech panels
*Fix HDR issue
*Add Ambient display features
*Add sync tile
*Fix sounds fc
*Improve smartclock
*Fix black bar on screenshot and screen recording
*Updated touch firmware from 9.1.24
*Battery improvements
*upstream from nos
*upstream from los kernel/tree

By @shahan_mik3
👉 @PocoPhoneGlobalUpdates
                    Derp Kernel support group for beryllium

                    - Merged in linux-stable v4.9.155
- Updated kernel from LineageOS
- Compiled with clang 8.0.8
                    #DERP #KERNEL 
DERP CUSTOM KERNEL V2.8 [CUSTOM + MIUI] Updated on 02-07-2019

▪️Xda Link

By Akhil Narang
Source : @DerpKernel
👉 @PocoPhoneGlobalUpdates