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Hello, I want to share with you my experiense and way in IT and programming.Full description in the...

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                    I'm sorry guys, I've been in hospital. In hospital I have so many time for thinking and reading... And I understand that I dont want to be a full-fledged programmer and I want to start my bussiness. I Will use my programming skills in this bussiness, I wish, and now, till I dont start this, I will study to create and programming sites, because now, in our time, we need to know much more about web-network and internet. Thats  why I Will study this, and the most reason, why I want to slow down with programming, that I dont have a clear target in It, and I dont have perseverance... So this channel is die and everything what I want to give u, it's advice. If you dont like what you do, stop doing it, seat down abd think what do you want to do. So very THANKS for my Reader, god bless u and have a good life)
                    So here it is my second report.
I forget about my table and decide to get a practice immediatly. So at this week i complete a course of HTLM/CSS on my courses and that was amaizing. I understood so much about web-development and next I will study a BOOTSTRAP. And second very good news it's I maybe start a project with my friend, but it will be so far away from now. Until he prepare a Business plan, Until I study everything what we need for our project. But it's a start and very good start and if we get this i Will prides of me. So this week was very boring, but we have a very good future and outlook. So thank's for your time and don't forget invite your friend for this channel) (@pigeondiary)
                    Today, was the first day when I try my new courses and I understand that I could have missed a lot if I hadn’t tried. Thats real useful and helpful than YouTube free lessons. But lets dont make fast conclusion. Everything will show my first, full, big project when I finish thats courses and I should dont forget that I start learning HTML and this Web thing for hacking, and progress in hacking will show too. So THANKS for READING AND waitng my Reports.
                    So today I buy a subsciribe for 10$ on courses. I think I should try this way too. So I add some New topics in my study table and get a course of my topic which were. I try this and tell how I fell in my new report.
                    About third row I think I dont need to tell much, because everybody understand why I study this topic's(If u dont, please read a posts above).
  And about English and how me  learn and practice that. I play a games on English, read a blog's and searching an information on English and try to do much more beside my native language.
  And by the way, I create this table on HTML and CSS.
                    So this is my study table:
   In the first row we all understand what is it, I think I dont need to explain what is it. 
   So second row show what I want to read for develop abilities(Not all the time to study programming and something like that)
   Our skills and knowledge in Economic can help us to distribute our money and invest it. Investments and correct destributions supply capital growth and financial security. Here I can't recomend a book for u because I will read a book by my countryman. 
   History knowledge will help to keep the conversation going but its only IMHO. I will read a book about Auschwitz by Lawrence Rees. I will read it only because Im intersted in. 
   Algorithm help us in programming. I think I dont need to explain why. I will read a book by Aditya Bhargava "Grokkking algotithms" 
   Communication skills - we need to contact with People and employer.If we dont gain an experiense in this theme we cant sell our product... Not even that... We cant offer our product and service. Thats important. So for the first book I chose a Dale Carnegie book "How to win friends" 
   And artistic literature will help us to be educated and of course will help us to keep the conversation going too.
                    So this is my first report:
1.I create on Python a diary for planning my days and weeks(I use txt file). That was just a practice to revive my knowledge of Python and I need a diary for my library and control a study process
2.I decided to try myself in hacking and this theme. So primarily I explore what i need for this and I find a instruction (very primal but for the first time this is the Best). So we need a knowledge of HTML, CSS, JS and Web-dev material; Python; Linux administration ; Cryptography and Wide control ; I already order a book of Cryptography and start studying Web-dev
3.I create a primal plan(Very important as I thinking - create a plan) Because if dont have a plan of studying you dont understand what are you doing and for what you are doing that. I create a plan and I upload this in Monday(This is the Day when I want start to studying with this plan).
Not so much, I know, but most important dont stop and doing something everyday than a lot and one time.
                    So I wanna give u some advice if you want to start coding:

1.U need to practice everyday (minimum 30min. in a day) 

2.In Internet u can find all information and lessons about coding to become a Junior or maybe a Middle

3.In programming we have 3 main destinations : Web-site programming; Game development; Creation Software;

   If u want to start Web. u need to study this things(HTLM, CSS, JAVASCRIPT, PHP); this is the main things, after them u can try a frameworks for JS;

   If u want to study a GameDev, u need to study how to operate with the game engine(Unreal engine, Unity, Cryengine) this game engines you can find in the open source for free, and how to operate u can find on YouTube and Google. 

   If you want to create a software (I dont really know what them do) so I can advice you to learn C++, Python or C#(I choose Python and never regret about this, very fast and easy programming language). 

Remember this is only advice how to START programming! In programming we have a many things what we need to know and I cant list all of them! 
                    First report will be in the next Friday     (っ˘ڡ˘ς)
                    Reasons, why I create this channel:
I lost motivation to coding and I want to motivate myself through reporting to you<З And I want to practice English.  [×_×]
                    So a small information about me and what i do:
1.I start programming when I dropped out a school and programming brought me back
2.I am programming for 2 years
3.Programming help me to  overcome drugs and alchol
4.I studied PYTHON for two years but now in university i need to studied a C++
                    So this is a full description of my diary. Here, I want to use some rules in my posts:
# I dont want politics in my diary(Thats why I dont want to tell you where i am from, my name and another information about me). Everything what you need to know in my posts.#