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                    #Stars #Blackhole #ZombieAwakening


What happens when a dead star meets a black hole? The answer appears to be a brief zombie awakening, according to a paper.

Black Holes may temporarily bring dead stars back to life.

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Why Some Scientists Say Physics Has Gone Off the rails.

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The Most Addictive Theorem in Applied Mathematics

Erika Camacho discusses how her favorite theorem applies to her research on mathematical modeling of eye diseases and the dynamics of fanaticism.


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                    #Planets #Astronomy #India


India has discovered an amazing planet where a year lasts just 19.5 days.

                    #NaturePhysics #Artificial_Intelligence


Machine Learning algorithms are helping to unravel the quantum behavior of a type of superconductor that has baffled scientists for decades.

❄Read More on why AI is over hyped and it's dangerous.❄

                    #NaturePhysics #Spins #Antiferromagnets


Nature News & Views: Researchers report the observation of long-distance spin transport in an antiferromagnetic insulator in a Nature paper, demonstrating that such materials could be used for spin-based electronics.

                    #MoonTourism #SpaceX #theToursit


SpaceX is set to send a private passenger on a spaceflight around the moon soon, as it’s now signed up its first customer for the trip. The journey will see SpaceX put its new reusable BFR rocket through its paces. Its design was first presented nearly a year ago, and the concept boasted a single system that included a booster and a ship that could travel to the moon and Mars. It’s slated to eventually replace SpaceX’s other rockets, the Falcon 9, Falcon Heavy, and Dragon, being more affordable to build owing to its integrated design.

 We don’t know exactly when… 

Watch the Webcast on SpaceX.
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Who wants to be that tourist?
                    #StellarEvolution #Babystar
Astronomers witness the birth of a new star from stellar explosion.

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                    #MaxwellsDemon #NaturePhysics


Maxwell's Demon | Sorting ultracold atoms in a 3D optical lattice in a realization of Maxwell's Demon

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                    #SpaceElevator #Japan


A Japanese company is about to test a tiny space elevator in space
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Pulsar Discoverer Jocylen Bell Barbell wins $3-million Breakthrough Prize

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"Falling in love is not at all the most stupid thing that people do — but gravitation cannot be held responsible for it "

It is said that Albert Einstein scribbled this on a letter sent to him from a correspondent in 1933. The correspondent asked the influential Nobel Prize-awarded physicist if
"perhaps it was while upside down, standing on their heads, that people fell in love and did other foolish things?"
The story is recorded in the book 'Albert
Einstein, The Human Side: Glimpses from
His Archives', edited by Helen Dukas and
Banesh Hoffmann with Ze'ev Rosenkranz
(PUP 2013)

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#NaturePhysics #NatureBiology


Must Read

Philip Ball revisits a book that crystallized key concepts in modern molecular biology.

Schrödinger's Cat among biology's pigeons: 75 years of What is Life?



Feeling The Pull Of Gravity 

Physicists are stripping uncertainty from loosest fundamental constant - Big G.

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CERN's Pioneering Mini-accelerator Passes First Test

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                    #EinsteinQuotes #FunTime


Humans invented the atomic bomb, but no mouse in the world would construct a mouse trap.

~ Albert Einstein



Fly into the Great Red Spot of Jupiter with NASA’s Juno Mission!
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