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                    Ripple (XRP) Under Pressure Within a 4 Cents Range
Ripple prices oscillating in a 4 cents range xRapid adoption will catalyze XRP interest Average participation levels more than half those of Feb 24-2. Aside from IBM’s World Wire--which would in a way loosen banks allowing these conservative intermediaries to experiment with digital coins, Ripple enthusiasts are watching xRapid and how banks are responding to...

                    Hold Bitcoin (BTC), Billionaire Recommends Even as Coin Demand Wane
Bitcoin prices likely to crumble Chinese billionaire recommends hodling Transaction volumes low averaging 6k. Although Bitcoin is on an uptrend, it may correct in days ahead as sellers of Feb 24 flow back pouring cold water on bulls’ effort. All the same and according to Zhao, a Chinese billionaire, Bitcoin holders should hold as much...

                    Ethereum (ETH) Disputations, Code Isn’t Law Insists Vlad
Ethereum prices stable but bullish Code is Law a misnomer insists Vlad Zamfir of Casper Labs Transaction volumes low but poised to expand as prices expand After penning an article critiquing Szabo’s law, Vlad is clearly of the opinion that there ought to be an element of human participation within the Ethereum governance model. Nonetheless,...

                    Bitcoin (BTC) Going Mainstream, Accepted By a $4.7 Billion Company
Bitcoin Price steady, may rally Avnet now accepts Bitcoin via BitPay Participation low but demand picking up By collaborating with BitPay, Avnet now joins the likes of Microsoft and Dell as corporations accepting Bitcoin as payment. Regardless, Bitcoin (BTC) prices are steady and could close above $4,000. Bitcoin Price Analysis Fundamentals Based in Phoenix, Arizona...

                    IBM World Wire Loosen Banks, Bullish for Ripple (XRP)
Ripple prices flat Stellar—IBM partnership and roll-out of World Wire bullish Transaction volumes must spike above 60 million for bulls or bears to be in charge IBM involvement is a game changer. Although they are launching from Stellar, their confidence in blockchain could see banks experiment with crypto. In that case, some may decide to...

                    Ethereum (ETH) A Strong Buy According to Joseph Lubin of Consensys
Ethereum prices bullish above $135 Joseph Lubin expects prices to rally Volumes low, dropped by half in the last week Weeks after retrenching staff, Consensys CEO is confident that ETH prices will surge 1000X. This is partly thanks to the launching of Ethereum 2.0 and prospects of dealing with scalability. Therefore, that means there is...

                    Ripple (XRP) Army A Manufactured Web of Bots, Research Reveals
Ripple prices consolidation XRP Army a blend of phony accounts and bots Transaction levels lows and averages more than half that of Feb 24 and 25 Geoff Golberg, an independent researcher with the application of Network analysis on social and blockchain data is confident that the harassing XRP Army consists of fake accounts and bots....

                    Stellar Lumens (XLM) Rally as Volumes Double After IBM Move
Stellar Lumens up 11 percent from last week IBM and six banks sign a letter of intent for World Wire stable coin issuance Transaction volumes double in eight days With IBM single-handedly bringing on board six banks, XLM prices are surging and up 11 percent in the last week. We expect prices to edge higher...

                    Ripple (XRP) CTO: Existing Security Laws Vague, Hinders Development
Ripple prices stable below 34 cents Security laws relating to blockchain still fuzzy says, David Schwartz Transaction volumes shrinking as prices consolidate David Schwartz, the CTO of Ripple Inc, believes that existing security laws are vague and are therefore a hindrance. Even so, he is confident and comfortable that Ripple (XRP) is a utility and...

                    Bitcoin (BTC) Flat-Line Below $4,000; Bears of Feb 24 Likely to Flow Back
Bitcoin price up but under pressure MimbleWimble protocol could be an excellent match for Bitcoin Transaction volumes more than half those of Feb 24 There are specific benefits of the MimbleWimble protocol, and one of them is privacy through CT. If the Bitcoin community decides to incorporate this untested protocol, then the network will not...