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                    People will always tell you what you did wrong, but will hesitate to compliment you for what you did right.

                    If someone tells you to be realistic, just remember, your reality is not the same as theirs. We define "realistic" based on our perception.

                    Speak up, don't hide your thoughts and feelings, especially when you can make a difference.

                    People will forget what U said, people will forget what U did, but people will never forget how U made them feel -Maya Angelou

                    Do what you have to do, dont delay. 

                    Make mistakes, learn from them, make new mistakes, keep learning. Dont make the same mistakes, there is no sense in that, make different ones :)

                    Life needs compromises, but not on the basis of your believes and principles.. 

                    God only gives three answers to prayer:
1. Yes!
2. Not yet. 
3. I have something better in mind.

                    Make others happy and you'll be happy automatically.. try it :) 

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                    A lesson in Entrepreneurship 

In Delhi, there was a Samosa vendor. His shop was in front of a Big company. His Samosa was so tasty. Most of the employees use to eat that samosa at lunch time.
One day, a Manager came to that guy selling samosas. While he was eating samosa he comes in the fun mood.
He asks a question: You have maintained your shop so nicely and have good management skills. Don’t you think that you are wasting your talent and time by selling just Samosas?
Think, if you were working like me in any big company, you would have been a manager like me, isn't it?
Poor samosa guy, he smiled at the manager and said awesome lines.
Sir, I thought my work is better than your work. Do u know why?
10 years back I used to sell samosa in tokari (Leaf basket). At same time you got this job. That time I was earning Rs. 1,000 in a month and your salary was 10K.
In this 10 years of journey, we did progress a lot.
I owned a shop and became famous 'samosa-wala' in this area and you became a manager.
Now you are earning Rs.1 lakh while I am earning same and sometimes more than you. So surely, I can say that my work is better than yours.
It’s because of my kids future.
Let me explain –
Please pay close attention to my word. I started my career at lowest income. my son doesn’t have to suffer the same. One day my son will take over my business. He doesn’t have to start from 0. He will get fully established business, but in your case, the benefits will be taken by your boss kids, not by your kids.
You can not offer your same post to your son or daughter. They have to start from zero again. Whatever you have suffered 10 years ago, your kids have to suffer the same.
My son will extend my business from now and when your kid will be manager my son will be far away.
Now tell me who is wasting the Talent and Time.
Manager gave Rs.50 for two samosa’s and he didn’t speak any word and left.

                    I think its funny that people who treat you like shit get offended when you do the same to them..

                    Time heals almost anything. If you’re going through a rough period, give it time. It’s only temporary.

                    Be happy

                    Never give up