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                    Curve Card Referral Offers

Having used Curve for a number of weeks now, I really am impressed with what they offer and thought I would share a bit of information about them with you as there are some really easy opportunities to make some extra cash.

What can you do with a Curve Card?

Carry all of your Visa and MasterCard products on one card

Curve is ploughing on and has been adding extra features, moving it closer to its original goal as a payment aggregator. The idea is that you can link all of...

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                    Free £10 CASH with purchase of £100 BTC / LTC with Coincorner (UK)


Coincorner: Grab £10 cash when you do a trade of £100

Coincorner is a British cryptocurrency platform based on the Isle of Man. They are reputable and support the buying, sell and exchanging of Bitcoin, Etherum & Litecoin. They support on chain deposits or offchain (Lightning!). They have an app and a web platform also!



How it works:

You get £10 for signing up...

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                    Hey! Come watch funny videos with me on ClipClaps! There is a $1 sign up reward.
                    I won a $3.00 reward from ClipClaps, open ClipClaps to share bonus with me. #eyJpZCI6IjE4NjkwMzYyIiwidHlwZSI6MX0=# https://www.clipclaps.com/?activity_spin=18690362
                    FreeCash - GPT - Earn Money by playing games, completing offers and surveys

UPDATE: $140 offer is now unavailable, but there is another $80 reward for $50 deposit still going.

FreeCash is an Offerwall site you may already be familiar with the concept. You do offers to earn cash back. Sometimes purchase has to be made, sometime just need to deposit some money somewhere then take it out after got credited.

You can cash it out to bitcoin, litecoin, dogecoin, gift cards, and PayPal.

eToro Offer: Looks like eToro is not on any...

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                    InboxPounds - eToro - £80 for £25 deposit and trade

InboxPounds a sister site of SwagBucks is now offering £80 for
Sign up on eToro (New users only)Complete KYC (quick ID verification)Deposit £25 and buy / trade anything with the £25.Then you will receive £80 to your InboxPounds after 32 days, which you can redeem for gift cards or cash on PayPal.
32 days is to prevent fraud /chargeback absolutely understandable. Nothing to worry about the site is legit, and you can take you money out from eToro...

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                    888 Sport - Up for 8

I found this to be a useful earner throughout last season - and it's on again until May.
After the first two plays, a weekly wagering of £25 (min odds 1.50 will be required in order to receive Free Bets but this should be no problem to find no loss or small loss bets.• Free Bet tokens must be claimed and expire after 7 days .
On average I found four correct picks. This first week I found only three, so I get a £3 free bet.
There is an added incentive this season of an extra £5 free bet...

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                    What Are Free Spins and How to Profit from Them?

What Are Free Spins and How to Profit from Them?
It is common to see the big casino chains mention the number of free spins that they are offering as a part of their welcome bonus package, but that’s not all. As it happens, free spins can mean two different things and both of them are related to online casino slots. Next, we are going to explain both types of free spins, as well as how players can profit from...

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                    4 Ideas to Make Money with Betting

4 Ideas to Make Money with Betting
Betting has always been one of the biggest money-makers for casinos and betting on sports events is ingrained in our culture. There are so many opportunities to bet too. You can bet on horses, tennis matches, darts tournaments, or table tennis if you’d like. You can also place bets at any time of the day or night. Online betting has sent what was already one of our biggest...

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                    Profit from Online Casinos – How to Do It

Profit from Online Casinos - How to Do It
Online casinos offer lots of games you can play for some fun or relaxing times. However, they also offer the potential to make some money while you play. The different games available on different casinos make this possible and the best thing is that you can play these games, and thus win from anywhere as long as you have an internet connection. But how can you increase your...

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                    £10 free the credit thing

£10 free the credit thing

Just sign up and then send 10p it will prompt you to do this very simple

Wait for account to be verified

Receive £10 free

Can send it to your bank

Then start referring and get £10 per sign up !!

This is a credit card so it will do a credit check but just use it for sign ups !

NO ID REQUIRED well didn’t ask me anyway


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                    Anyone else find selling on eBay an absolute chore?

I've been selling a few I suppose what you would call high-value items recently (£100+) and I put them on ebay for a 7 days auction and then get endless stupid questions or people asking me to cut the price down to a ridiculous level and so I more often than not end up just listing the thing on Gumtree at the same time so make life easier

With Gumtree there are no fees, the person just comes to your house to pick it up so there isn't any delivery and the whole thing is just a LOT smoother...

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                    Anyone bought Amazon Pallets of unwanted goods and re-sold items?


Having seen on the news recently about the shocking amount of products and items that are going to land fill by Amazon after people have either returned the items or the seller has decided not to pay for return of stock, I am interested in knowing from people if anyone has ever bought a pallet of goods and what their experience was? It does seem like a brilliant business idea, to buy a bargain pallet of goods and then re-sell the goods or bag yourself a bargain. I see there are...

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                    iSoftStone Work

Don't think has been posted but iSoftStone are looking for WSErs. From what I understand it is a contract that used to be with another company. I won't say anymore but a little hunting on the green site will give you details without incriminating me.

I have just finished a fixed term contract with iSoftStone, however I am not going for this role as I am temporarily cutting back on my online work as my offline commitments have increased.

However whilst I was iSoftStone I thought they was...

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                    What Have You Posted Lately - YOUTUBE!

I thought I'd give this a go as an attempt to boost views for anyone who posts to YouTube or for anyone who enjoys watching YouTube videos.

I know it's in the blogging section but I couldn't think which other place to put it.

So, post your latest YouTube videos below. If you don't do YouTube then help a shedder out by watching (even if it's in the background with the sound muted), like, comment and share.

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                    My Etsy Diary

Hi all,

I've been a lurker on this forum for a while and finally decided to start posting more regularly. I have been inspired by some of the stories on this forum and have decided to take making an online income seriously. I've finally opened my Etsy store 2 weeks ago after putting it off for a while and I'm going to track my progress on here. I also have an idea for another Etsy store which I'm trying to get up and running in the next week. I've also quit my job so I have a lot of free...

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                    £500pm income for 6 months?

Morning all!

You're a very helpful group so I'm hoping you might be able to think of something that I haven't :)

I'm in a position where I need to earn £500pm until September time. I've signed up to the usual Appen etc but as we know Appen is very hit and miss! I've applied to any suitable jobs though, but that means I can't do any more there until I get put onto a project. Matched betting has already been completed :ROFLMAO: I also check Lionbridge as used to do ad rating with them.


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                    [OT] Roamler - Earn money using your iPhone or Android device

Previously on TMS we have mentioned Field Agent, an App that lets you earn money while out and about.
There is another contender that is worthy of space on your phone though and that is Roamler.
The HQ of Roamler is based in Amsterdam but don't let that put you off. They have plenty of clients over here in the UK as well such as TomTom, Apple, Disney, Lego, Heineken and Royal Mail. They have dedicated people at their office whose job is to get UK companies on board to use them for finding...

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                    Abra Referral Offers

Abra, a cryptocurrency trading platform are currently offering a $40 (approx. £30) reward for depositing and holding $15 (approx. £11.50) for a period of 30 days.

New customers can receive two promotions (totalling $40 of rewards):
Standard Offer: Deposit at least $15 of any coin and hold for 30 days - RECEIVE $15 IN CPRXAND
Referral Offer (additional $25) : Sign up through a referral link, deposit at least $15 in any coin and hold for 30 days - RECEIVE $25 IN...
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                    £105 with Quidco and signing up to a bank

Quidco is a cashback site like topcashback. Get £5 fur signing up.

Pro tip! Sign up to the soldo bank through quidco for an easy £100 extra for free!

Link: https://app.quidco.com/raf/a6m7

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