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                    EUR/USD: American currency is under pressure

The Thanksgiving Day is celebrated today in the USA, but dollar is under the pressure after FOMC Minutes publication. Some of FOMC members expressed their doubts in the rapid increase of the interest rate in unstable inflation growth conditions. https://goo.gl/hpEuiD
                    NZD/USD: the growth will continue

During last two month NZD was significantly falling against USD, as the demand on the US dollar was growing, and RBNZ has kept mild monetary policy.  https://goo.gl/1P7nKZ
                    USD/JPY: technical analysis

On the daily chart, the pair is trading below the lower line of the Bollinger Bands. The price remains just below its moving averages that start turning down. The RSI is about to test the border of the oversold zone. The Composite is testing its most recent support.  https://goo.gl/WxdRuu
                    The Fed announced check to dollar

EUR/USD is preparing for a roller coaster https://goo.gl/tWPcKt
                    Brent Crude Oil: general review

The quotes of Brent resumed growth after the occurrence of official statistics from the US Department of Energy on weekly changes of US oil stocks and production levels.  https://goo.gl/46hgHD
                    YM: general analysis

Dow Jones index was insignificantly corrected from absolute highs and is now trading at the level of 23524.6. The nearest support level is 23467.6, after the breakdown the next target will become the level of 23245.4.  https://goo.gl/Sx5T4F
                    USD/CAD: US dollar remains under pressure

US dollar dropped considerably against the Canadian currency during trading on Wednesday continuing the development of a corrective impulse formed yesterday. The reason for speeding up sales was yet another avoidance of risks by investors and the weakening of US currency throughout the market. The latter was also caused by... https://goo.gl/U5WgJH
                    XAU/USD: gold is trading in different directions

Yesterday gold prices significantly grew and compensated the fall in the beginning of the week, when the instrument stepped back from highs of October, 17, due to another fall of US currency after poor US macroeconomic data publication. In addition, investors focused on the decrease of the US bonds’ yield. https://goo.gl/eMFgB7
                    Analysis for oil, gold and silver for 23.11.2017

Oil short-term trend reversed upwards
                    GBP/USD: the pound continues to grow

The British currency grew considerably against US dollar during Wednesday trading marking a new local maximum since October 13. The reason for the development of “bullish” dynamics was yet another wave of weakening of USD in view of reduced returns on US bonds and generally negative tendencies in stock markets.... https://goo.gl/x7pSry
                    USD/CHF: wave analysis

The pair can fall.
On the 4-hour chart the development of the upward correction as a wave (2) of the higher level has ended. At the moment the formation of the third wave (3), within which the third wave of the lower level iii of 1 is forming, has begun.... https://goo.gl/gTr4we
                    JP Morgan Chase Co: wave analysis

The trend is upward.
On the 4-hour chart the fifth wave v of 3 of the higher level is forming. Locally the development the downward correction as a fourth wave (iv) of v of the lower level has ended. If the assumption is correct, the price will grow to the... https://goo.gl/HPsgQc
                    Morning Market Review

US dollar reduced against the majors. The fall of its rate took place in view of the release of weak data on demand for durable goods and initial jobless claims and the publishing of the Fed’s meeting minutes.  https://goo.gl/V17EXo
                    IBM Corp: wave analysis

The price is in correction. The fall is possible.
On the 4-hour chart the upward correction of the higher level has formed as a wave (2) of (С), and the development of the wave (3) has begun. Locally the first wave of the lower level 1 of (3) has formed... https://goo.gl/FK1kb8
                    AUD/USD: wave analysis

The pair can grow.
On the 4-hour chart the fifth wave of the higher level (5) is developing. Locally the downward momentum has formed as a first wave of the lower level 1 of (5), and the development of the upward correction as a second wave 2 of (5) has... https://goo.gl/Q3UFKy
                    Marshall Gittler's Market Outlook: USD plunges on dovish FOMC; PMIs, ECB minutes

Dollar collapse! The dollar plunged after the FOMC minutes showed more Committee members concerned about the low level of inflation. As I pointed out yesterday, the minutes of the September meeting showed that “some participants” were worried that there might be a new secular trend of low inflation.  https://goo.gl/n4UhWc
                    EUR/JPY: Ichimoku clouds https://goo.gl/zLSHNz
                    AUD/CAD: Ichimoku clouds https://goo.gl/43VJg3
                    Midday Market Review

Today the US dollar is trading in different directions against its main competitors.  https://goo.gl/fKkPKu
                    AUD/USD: Philip Lowe stopped the fall of the pair

On Tuesday the pair made an attempt of upward correction and rose to 0.7590.  https://goo.gl/Hu7e7u