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                    Why it's better to travel in white color Car
                    Live Gracefully
                    Babocush is a pillow that will rock the baby by itself. Wide straps remind the baby of mom's hugs, and the heartbeat mode will calm him down. 

The device also emits pleasant vibrations that save you from colic.
                    🚩A Young Boy Pradeep Mehra Running at MidNight after Work to Join Indian Army

Lots of love and best wishes to this kid ❀️

Love for Bharat and for the Indian Army. Must show this video to our kids 🚩
                    *A 19 yeard old boy of Uttarkhand, Pradeep Mehra, working in a restaurant returns home by running everyday about 10 KM distance. He wants to join Indian Army. So he utilize his time of returning home for practicing. Wow... What a dedication and perseverance.!!!! He is the real role model to the youngsters of India.*

Wishing him all the best to get selected in our ArmyπŸ‘πŸ’
May God bless Pradeep Mehra.πŸ™

Lots of love and best wishes to this kid ❀️

Love for Bharat and for the Indian Army. Must show this video to our kids 🚩

Please pass on this to all youth members you are in contact.πŸ™
                    _*Happy morning,*_

*@ mahatria :*πŸ”΄πŸ”΄πŸ”΄

_*Observe your father to learn discipline. Observe your granny to imbibe willpower. Observe your mom to develop situation leadership. Observe your grandddad to learn delegation. Observe your siblings to learn to forgive & forget. Observe your child & learn to live in the present. Observe your guru to inherit selflessness. Observe your servant to understand commitment. Observe your employee & learn to go the extra mile. Observe your boss to understand the power of vision.*_

_*Every human life is a LEARNING OPPORTUNITY. The key is to keep the student within you ALIVE. The key is to be like a blotting paper; ever ready to observe & absorb. The seeker within you should keep seeking. From anybody, from anything, from any situation you can learn.  ( Part -2/2 ).*_

_*Wishing you most & more.*_
_*🌹Jai Shree Krishna 🌹*_
                    _*Happy morning,*_

*@ mahatria :*πŸ”΄πŸ”΄πŸ”΄

_*Your life will either be an EXAMPLE OR a WARNING to others. So is the life of others : either an example or a warning to you. Essentially, every human life, is either a lesson on how to live( example) or a lesson on how not to ( warning).*_

_*It’s true that a lot can learnt from reading the books but nothing compares to how much you learn out of observing people. Every human life is a living encyclopaedia.( Part  -1/2). *_

_*Wishing you most & more.*_
_*🌹Jai Shree Krishna 🌹*_
                    Noone accompanies during growth. You need not worry. Storms may pass through, dirty things may fall accidentally but determination will take you through. At the end persons like this photographer will admire and the world will follow. All the best
                    From a friend
Just watched Ukraine on Fire on YT. Oliver Stone is the producer. Great research and footage on events leading to the Ulraine crisis and how the US used it's well known playbook of using media, money and techniques to do what it does best to counter Russia. NGOs as fronts. George Soros. Stuff you wont get to view or hear or read about in regular media.

                    πŸŒΉπŸ™Our Honorable President Ramnath Kovind was attending a school function in Kanpur. During that time he  has invited his childhood teachers to honour them with due respect. 

What a culture demonstrated by him leaving aside President's protocol. 

New  generation students must watch.