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                    Shaving unwanted back hair is now easier than ever..
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                    This comprehensive oral hygiene system offers a deep cleaning.. Learn more at: https://goo.gl/yTQRiZ #sponsored
                    These clay pieces reveal extremely satisfying surfaces when cut via instagram.com/tomoro.m
                    This artist creates stunning works of art by pouring mixed paint from a cup..
                    These model kits reveal the mechanical evolution from the Middle Ages to nowadays at http://kck.st/2GeroIE #sponsored
                    This device lets you print 3D holograms virtually anywhere..
                    You can spark up your designs with these special foils using a laser printer and a laminator.. 
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                    This company is mapping out the future of transportation.. #engineering
                    These levers and linkages in action is mesmerizingly beautiful via @veproject1
Learn more at : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DSD_9cNz0IY
                    These DIY computers are made from plastic containers and old computer parts..
                    These rescue boats help save lives..
                    This compact speaker can be mounted just about anywhere.. 

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                    This technology uses sunlight and air to make drinking water..
                    This company deploys drones for the task of cleaning wind turbines
                    Robots are now being used to fight fires..
                    Ruben Orozco loza creates human sculptures so lifelike you won’t believe your eyes via https://www.youtube.com/user/rubenescultor
                    This feller clears trees quicker and more efficiently than ever
                    This artist turns panels of wood into soft-looking waves.. via instagram.com/nugeandwood/
                    This wearable provides relief for physical therapy..
                    This autonomous airborne vehicle has been having test flights in New Zealand..