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                    Matic announced the launch of the final version of Matic Network Testnet. This is the last round of internal testing before the launch of the alpha mainnet Matic this month.

💧 https://icodrops.com/matic-network/
                    The first round of voting will see 5 project candidates undergo HT voting. The project with the highest HT vote count shall list on Huobi Global’s main board the same day. 
Voting Stage: 12:00:00 – 12:59:59 UTC, June 13;
Token Exchange: 13:00:00 – 13:09:59 UTC, June 13;
Listing Stage: 14:00:00 UTC, June 13.
The project with the highest vote count shall commence free trading on the same day with the simultaneous launch of USDT, BTC and HT trading pairs.
The HT Holding Period for Phase 1 Round 1 is measured from the last Prime Lite launch date till the upcoming FastTrack voting round i.e. 16:00:00 May 8, 2019 – 15:59:59 June 12, 2019 UTC.

                    On June 19th, 10:00 UTC, Algorand will hold its first in a series of Dutch Auctions.
For the first auction, 25 million Algos will be available at a starting price of $10.00 USD and a reserve price of $0.10 USD. The auction will last for 4,000 blocks (about 5 hours).
Participants may return their Algos back to the foundation one-year post-purchase at up to 90 percent of the value paid.

💧 icodrops.com/algorand
                    Gate has announced another 2 discount sales:
1. EOS with 50% discount. Goal: 200,000 USDT. Date: June 20, 4:00 UTC.
1. Cosmos with 50% discount. Goal: 200,000 USDT. Date: June 27, 4:00 UTC.

💧 icodrops.com/eos
💧 icodrops.com/cosmos
                    Huobi Global has published the logos of the first 5 FastTrack projects (Atlas Protocol, Fusion, Origo, Skrumble Network and NKN).
According to the rules:
1. Huobi Global will announce 5 FastTrack project candidates each month. Order of listing depends on voting results. 
2. Users will vote using HT on these projects each week to determine the project to be listed. Users can only vote 1 project at a time. 
3. The sole winning project (i.e. only one winner) for the week will be listed on Huobi’s main board the same day. 
4. Remaining projects will rollover to the next week and the votes are recast.

                    CoinMarketCap has launched its blockchain explorer (BTC and ETH).

                    NKN has been selected by HuobiGlobal as one of the first 5 FastTrack Projects for listing.
One of the listing criteria is that the project will sell at minimum 500,000 USDT equivalent of tokens at a 50% discount.
After the news, NKN price increased by ~10%.

                    STP IEO starts on Bittrex International on June 11, 14:00 UTC.
IEO Hard Cap: ~$750,000
Max individual cap: $2,500
Accepted: BTC

💧 icodrops.com/stp
                    The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is suing Kik for allegedly running an unregistered securities sale when it launched an initial coin offering (ICO) for its kin token in 2017.

                    Coti trading has started on KuCoin.
Coti is now trading at ~2.7x in USD from the IEO price.

💧 icodrops.com/coti
                    LocalBitcoins has officially confirmed the removal of local cash trades. LocalBitcoins noted that its liabilities are determined by the Act on Detecting and Preventing Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing.

                    OKEx has announced its 3rd IEO on OK Jumpstart - En-Tan-Mo (ETM), which will be launched on June 10, 4:00 UTC. 
IEO Har Cap: $2,500,000
Max individual cap: $4,000

                    Gate launches 50% Discount TRON Sale on June 13, 4:00 UTC.
Goal: 200,000 USDT.
Participants should be VIP3 and above.
The individual purchase limit will be calculated based on the average holdings of GT 14 days prior to the sale.

💧 icodrops.com/tron
                    KuCoin has completed the COTI lottery draw. The results of the lottery draw are as follows:
Total Successful Participants: 34,053
Total Lottery Tickets: No data
Total Winning Tickets: 6,000
Total Winning Users: 5,623
The Ratio of Winning Users: 16.51%

Coti (COTI) will be available for trading at 14:00 (UTC) on June 4.

💧 icodrops.com/coti
                    Lambda and VNT Chain have been listed on OKEx.
Deposits starts on June 4, 09:00 UTC
Trading starts on June 5, 09:00 UTC

                    Quarkchain opens a vote on whether to accelerate and unlock all delayed tokens (50% private sale token, 25% team and foundation token, 25% marketing and advisor token) at once.

💧 icodrops.com/quarkchain
                    Smathium’s IEO with Probit starts in 24hrs. Earlybird sales with Tokenbank also has been announced today with extra 1% bonus.


                    Justin Sun has won an eBay charity auction to have lunch with renowned investor and Berkshire Hathaway CEO Warren Buffett. The winning price is $ 4,570,000.

                    Lambda trading on Gate starts on June 4, 4:00 UTC.
1. 4:00-4:15 - the first stage of call auction, traders are allowed to place orders and cancel orders freely.
2. 4:15-4:30 - the second stage of call auction, orders can be placed freely by the traders, but orders cancellation are prohibited.
3. 4:30-4:35 - matching the orders.
4. 4:35 - regular trading activities.

💧 icodrops.com/lambda
                    Bitfinex has unveiled an important development in its decentralised offering - Ethfinex Trustless OTC, a blockchain enforced Over-the-Counter service.