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                    Coins in our BUYING RANGEβœ…



Two key zones:

Blue zone - 42k-44k

Green zone -38k

Both are good entry prices for what is to come in the next months ($100k+)
                    LAST CHANCE TO BY THE DIPβœ…πŸš¨
                    #BTC (Update)

In 4h timeframe Chart, Bitcoin is forming a Classical Expanding Triangle..

Next Week, Expecting Upside Breakout (Target would be $51600)
                    #BTC (Update)

In Weekly timeframe, So far Bitcoin Bulls Defending the 45k Crucial Support..😊

If Bitcoin Remains Above the 45k Support & Expecting Bounce Back towards the 51k (Resistance)
                    According to this #BTC new ATH is coming in Q4.🀣🀣🀣🀣
                    #SOL (update)

Falling Wedge Breakout Done βœ…

+11% Profit so far, Expecting More
                    #SOL (update)

Forming Falling Wedge Pattern in 4h timeframe.

Volume has been Decreasing from last 10 Days.

Expecting Wedge Breakout So Keep your Eyes on it πŸ‘€
                    #BTC (update)

Bitcoin is Breaking out of Bullish Flag in 4H timeframe..πŸš€

Looks Bullish & if 4h Candle Closed Above the 48.4k Resistance, Expecting Bullish Wave towards the 50.8k πŸ“ˆ
                    #DOGE (Update)

#dogecoin has been consolidating in Descending Wedge from last 5 months.

At the Moment, Looks Bullish & Getting Ready for Breakout.

In Case of Wedge Upside Breakout, Expecting 2x Bullish Wave in Coming Days..πŸ‘€
                    #BTC (Update)

In 4H timeframe, Bitcoin has been Consolidating in (47.4-48.4k) S/R Range..

If Bulls Clear the 48.4k Resistance, Next Stop would be 50k & If lost the 47.4k Support, Expecting Bearish Wave towards the 46k..
                    You all still have time to BUY XRP.πŸ’―
                    #BTC UPDATE

Bitcoin's chart finally looks bullish not only in our minds. 

First β€” daily closure above the $48,000 resistance. This is one of the strongest levels in the range between $40,000 - $50,000. 

Secondly β€” the flat in the horizontal channel of $43,400 - $46,700 was absorbed and the price took hold above it. 

Now we can see a fake breakdown to the $46,700 from where we expect the price to go further higher. We must approach $50,000 this week.
                    #BTC (Update)

Golden cross Confirmed βœ…

 According to Broadening Wedge Formation, Bitcoin is heading towards the 54k πŸ“ˆ
                    #BTC (Update)

In daily timeframe Chart, Bitcoin Bulls held the Key fib 61.8% Retracement Level & Bitcoin Bounced Back As Expected 😎

Now, Send Bitcoin to the New ATH πŸš€
                    #BTC (update)

Golden Cross Confirmed βœ…

 MA50 Crossing Above the MA200 in daily timeframe..

Send Bitcoin to New ATH πŸ˜ŽπŸš€
                    #BTC (Update)

In daily timeframe, Bitcoin has been Moving inside the Broadening Wedge Pattern.

Bulls lost the 200-days Moving Average but held the Key Fibonacci 61.8% (43.8k) Support.

RSI is Still Moving Above the Trendline Support..

Expecting Bounce Back towards the 54k πŸ‘€
                    #BTC (update)

In 4h timeframe Chart, Classical Bullish Divergence Plays out πŸ„β€β™‚οΈ

Bulls Defending the Crucial Support (45k)

I Hope You Guys Bought the DIP..πŸ˜‰