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                    New CAD trade sent to premium subscribers. This is our high probability whipsaw wednesday trade!
                    Please exit NZDCAD -16 pips loss
                    Sell NZDCAD 0.8739
Stop loss 0.8769 (30 pips)
Take profit 0.8709 (30 pips)
Take profit 0.8679 (60 pips)
Take profit 0.8649 (90 pips)
                    New EUR trade sent to premium subscribers. Join us while the market is moving FAST.

Link to sign up here: https://www.financialmarketwizards.site/new-sales1632126417193
                    EURGBP take profit 2 hit +60 pips
                    GBPCHF final take profit hit +90 pips
                    NZDCHF take profit 1 hit +30 pips
                    Please cancel buy limit for NZDCAD
                    Buy Limit NZDCAD 0.8725
Stop loss 0.8695 (30 pips)
Take profit 0.8755 (30 pips)
Take profit 0.8785 (60 pips)
Take profit 0.8815 (90 pips)
                    GBPNZD take profit 1 hit +50 pips
                    GBPCHF take profit 1 hit +30 pips
                    Market Buy NZDCHF 0.6472
Stop loss 0.6442 (30 pips)
Take profit 0.6502 (30 pips)
Take profit 0.6532 (60 pips)
Take profit 0.6562 (90 pips)
                    Starting from today, we will incorporate more buy/sell limit orders rather than market entry orders. We will send the levels ahead of time. This will give you more time to set in the trade and not worry about "being late". 

Using limit orders will also force you to be more discipline as you wait patiently for price to hit the level.

Remember, the right direction at the wrong price level will still be a losing trade. So with this new arrangement, we hope to improve the accuracy, risk to reward and also give you more leeway in executing the signal.
                    New sell limit level sent to premium subscribers! Catch it with us and you can set it and forget it :)
                    EURGBP take profit 1 hit +30 pips
                    New GBP trade sent to premium subscribers!
                    GBPUSD take profit 1 hit +30 pips!
                    Our GBP trades are doing well, tricky market. So make sure you manage your risk well.
                    Market Sell EURGBP 0.839
Stop loss 0.842 (30 pips)
Take profit 0.836 (30 pips)
Take profit 0.833 (60 pips)
Take profit 0.83 (90 pips)
                    Please close EURUSD +2 pips profit