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                    Don't forget to go outside!

                    You still can grow spinach in autumn. It's fast growing and rich in nutrients.

We are growing ours in my self-made đź”—vegetable bed.

                    It is 'Telegram Thursday' and I want to recommend you interesting channels.

Today I would like to recommend a channel of your next door European girl:


Wholesome and appealing content!


                    On elections (2)

Some of you might wonder: "But Tribalist, the National Socialists came to power by elections!"

True, but still not an intelligent statement.

Consider, that the frauds, which are 'federal states' or all kinds of democracy were a relatively new thing.

Our enemies have been beaten with their own (back then) immature weapons. Comparable with the GameStop incident in early 2021.

You cannot use their tools against them effectively. They find ways to prevent that. Just look at the controlled media and controlled opposition.

No, our only way of success can be outside of their system:

- local communities
- decentralized administration
- rejection of parliamemts
- autonomous regions (energy, food, money)
- subsidiarity

Let us operate on the basis of natural law aka. 'Blood&Soil'!

                    On the most basic survival rule

Always remember, that you will survive:

~ 3 hours in extreme cold
~ 3 days without water
~ 3 weeks without food

Prepare accordingly!

Is your heating running and backed up?
Do you have fresh water supplies?
Do you have food supplies for some time?

Something will come, be prepared!


                    On preparations (2)

You don't have to be completely self-sufficient. Almost no one truly is.

However, having at least SOME food independence is hugely valuable, even if it's ONLY some carrots and tomatoes growing in your back garden.

A huge amount of the government's power comes from controlling the food supply, which is why Communists always attack that first.

If every individual could feed themselves and their family for a week, then the government is weak.

If everyone could feed themselves for a month, then the government is afraid, because a month is more than enough time to annihilate a government in.

If everyone can feed themselves indefinitely, the government is powerless and at your mercy.

Again: you DON'T have to be completely independent or even come close to it. Just having enough growing in your garden to feed yourself for a week or two is already an advantage. So focus on that. One week. Then two.

Take it easy and manage your energy but don't do nothing.


                    On elections

Many are still succumbing to the illusion that elections might change anything, yet they have proven time and again that this is wrong. You cannot get out of a situation by using the means which brought you there in the first place.

The political caste is corrupt and your enemy. This is what you should remember. Most of them are failed existences in the world outside the parliament, without skills, honour or backbone. How can one think they can handle anything inside the parliament?

This is just a facade to trick you into believing that doing this election ritual has an effect after all. That's what it is: a ritual for the believers.

In German the ballot box is called 'Wahlurne', which translates to 'vote urn'. You are literally burying your voice.

Go and build up alternatives outside this system! Connect with skilled people around you, establish networks of trusted people and stay outside of this established system as best as you can!


                    I often share my negative view of modern technology, but I want to clarify that I don’t have a negative view of technology in-itself, but with the kind of intellect behind it. 

The intellect behind modern technology is not balanced out with intuition, it’s all left brain only. 

The intellect behind modern technology thinks itself to be superior to mother nature, and so it refuses to follow the ancient intelligence of nature, and instead keeps our technology very alien to earth, very artificial. 

It’s not the idea of technology that is negative, but the fact that it has greatly deviated from the natural/organic. 

The people who invent and create our technology were born & raised in a world where greed rules, and everything is a business. 

The makers and inventors of our technology were programmed in school with a wrong view of organic nature, universe, earth, organic life, etc… 

How can they create technology that perfectly blends with the natural environment and organic life, when they were taught in schools from a very young age that the universe, nature, and all organic life is mechanical, and void of spirit? 

How can  they create holistic technology that doesn’t go against nature, when they were taught that the earth is some random dead rock and universe is dead with no purpose? 

I understood a while back that modern materialistic science doesn’t properly understand matter at all, much like all world religions don’t properly understand spirituality. 

So materialistic science is like a misrepresentation of matter/physical world, and religion is like a misrepresentation of spirituality.

From what I could gather going over all of the available bits and pieces of information on our ethnic, indigenous pagan European and into European ancestors, they did not have a division line between matter and spirit. 

This world, the earth, organic life and nature were divine and sacred to our ancestors, and they saw Spirit everywhere in the physical world. 
Everything in nature is alive, intelligent and conscious… 

People who create our technology don’t understand these things, so when they create technology they don’t create it from a mind that holds this type of worldview. This is why technology we have now is so very disconnected from the natural environment and organic life on earth.  

The kind of technology we have now isn’t the only possible way to create technology. 

I am not a scientist, but I would say if we are to create technology, it should mimic nature in all ways, and should not cause damage to anything within the natural environment, both local ecosystem, and the earth at large. 

We shouldn’t only be looking at the benefits we receive when creating new technology, and whether or not we can sell it. We should be looking at possible damage it will causes, and whether or not this new technology aligns with the natural/organic systems of earth. 

And when it comes to the people who create world technology, their mindset, their worldview, their view of nature and organic life plays a huge role.
                    Wood carving tools, my great-grandfather bought in the 1950s after is POW time.

Keep high quality tools and take care of them! Properly treated tools will last more than a lifetime.

                    Get an appropriate workbench!

                    Ares Ludovisi

Marble statue from the 2nd century AD.

Museo Nazionale, Rome


                    'A tradition has been handed down by the ancient thinkers of very early times to the effect that these heavenly bodies are gods. The rest of their tradition has been added later in a mythological form to influence the vulgar.'

- Aristotle, Metaphysics

                    'The most "ancient treasure" left to us by our predecessors was the idea that the gods are really stars, and that there are no others. The forces reside in the starry heavens, and all stories, characters and adventures narrated by mythology concentrate on the active powers among the stars  who are the planets.'

- G. de Santillana & H. von Dechend, Hamlet's Mill: An Essay on Myth and the Frame of Time (1969)

                    On the Day of the Dead

Be it the Irish Halloween, the Mexican DĂ­a de Muertos, Celtic Samhain or the much later (and stolen) Christian All Saints' Day: isn't it interesting that all fall on the same time in the year?

All share the tradition of commemorating the dead, welcome the dead, ghosts, candles and similar things.

All customs are celebrated closely to the culmination of the Pleiades in the Southern Sky. And we will learn that all originate in the same event in antiquity, which was even the blueprint for the countless ressurrection myths.

Following one of the most terrifying events in mankinds history, which we know as the Attack of the Dragon, the đź”—main god of the Aryans lit up in the sky with a powerful red, ten times the diameter of the Moon.

He metaphorically đź”—vanquished the Dragon and became the main deity for the next 1000 years.

The point of time can be roughly estimated as 2349B.C.

So, basically we are celebrating the return of a god presumed dead: Jupiter.


                    Buschel with ibex motifs, 4200--3500 B.C.

Found in Susa, Iran

#IndoEuropean creators


                    Late Bronze Age European spiral torques and ornaments.


                    On Creation

'Amun initiated creation. [..] He is called the Great Honker, who gave a great screech which stirred the inert cosmos into action.' - Ogdoad of Hermopolis

'In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was God.' - John 1:1

Apparently both sources speak of a loud noise when creation started. So what happened?

After its đź”—egg form, Saturn went nova and started to blaze like a sun in the 4th millennium B.C.. It burst into arc mode and threw out an enormous amount of matter. The earlier glow mode coma collapsed and disappeared suddenly.

The mass ejection formed the rings with which Saturn remained marked. Venus was expelled and started to revolve around the planets.

The sounds (the Word) were the sounds of an electric arc striking, followed by the sounds of a sustained electric discharge.

The Mayans recognize this as Third Creation, while later cultures deem this the one and first creation.

Also the Bible references this as Eve being created from Adams rib.