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                    The Decade of Failed Revolutions

Another decade has come to an end, and yes, I have realized that a bit too late. Therefore, I decided to come up with a theory on why the previous 10-years should have drastically changed the world, yet we have come to another year of stagnation and even higher expectations.

Before I get to the direct formulation of the idea of the missed revolutions, let’s recap the previous decade. For that, we need to imagine ourselves in the post-crisis time of the wild 2010. Back then the world was slowly recovering after the “globalization” crisis of 2008, the word “Bitcoin” was almost unknown to the large public, people enjoyed their iPhones 3GS and Skyrim did not even exist. It was a start not of a new decade but a new era: people had great expectations on how technology is going to change the world, how economic systems will come up with new transparent policies to boost global trade and development and how governments will fight against the rise of monopolies.

Why was that a good start? Well, we had loads of chances to bring the change in almost every sphere of our lives: economic, social, political and technological; people were expecting that the change just has to come and that it has to bring something absolutely new. Moreover, the early 2010s just had to do it, because the decade prior to that has shown that in the new, “digitalized” world, old processes have to be switched to the new practices. It meant that the companies have to become more transparent in their operations, they should be striving for change; that meant that the old political powers had to come up with new directives to address the rising risks of another crisis as well as adopt technological advantages to fight against existing problems. It is important to notice, how closely tied the economics, politics and technological development have become in the early 2010s. We were surrounded by enormous opportunities, that later we refused to use.

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                    Happy New Year!

I wish you all the best in the upcoming year and I am very thankful that you keep reading my thoughts from time to time.
Have a great holiday and spend this time with your close friends and family.

We do not value silence enough these days. Noise is following us everywhere: from the transport and overcrowded cafes to constant music in our earbuds and endless videos on YouTube. Over time we stopped referring to noise as pollution. It got so deep to our lives, and this constant buzz became so comfortable for our minds, that silence for us became an attribute of the scary environment.

We make the buzz ourselves — intentionally or not. We talk just for the sake of it. Words became meaningless, and the gap between the ideas and speeches became much larger. Just like a commodity on a stock market, the value of words has dropped in value. We talk to fill in "awkward silence", without realising that the awkwardness comes from the meaningless talks.

When we finally reach the precious silence — whether it is the end of the workday or comfortably boring weekends — we run from silence. Cause in silence we meet ourselves, and the "ourselves" are scary. Not just scary but also boring, we ran out of the topics to talk about with "ourselves". And instead of changing it, we reach to our phones and start watching another video, or get in conversation on social media, cause we will do everything to minimise the time with ourselves.

The modern world has everything we need — from automatic vacuum cleaners to cars in space (as you can see this post was written a while ago). Materialistic oversupply brought us to the understanding of the value of information; this is how we basically entered the age of information economy, where data and knowledge became the key assets of success. Yet this world full of information, and tech has taken away one important thing — simplicity. We started to lack simplicity in the way we think, make decisions, work and live. With the simplification of the living process, people are still trying to make the life itself more complex.

The life is the same though. The complexity of the world is slowly but surely trying to get in our heads from the rather early stages of life. First we are learning some social norms and values, then we grow up a little and getting piles of knowledge in school that we do not really value sometimes, then we are getting to university where knowledge gets more specialized, so when we get to the first real actions we have so many things in our minds that we do not even know where to start. At certain moment simplicity appears to be lost. 

Even in the art that is supposed to be a space of feelings complexity has its effect. Today you cannot just be amazed by the black square or abstract colorful lines; you need some Mona Lisa that is closer to your inner complicated world. Inner world, by the way, should hit the records of complexity, otherwise, you do not compile with the social norms. Even though we admire something complex, we value more something simple.

The idea is easy, we lack simplicity. Clearness of thoughts and directness of actions are inspiring. A simple idea makes great things, while simple action makes a living.

Over time concepts have a tendency to evolve and change. They are changing within the ecosystem and changing the ecosystem itself; something that used to be one thing evolves to absolutely different one. If we look into the world of creativity or ask ourselves what is it, more likely we are going to imagine arts, music or some garage-made tech, and if it for real was a creative thing in the early 20th century, now it has become nothing more than just an average thing. Every fifth person is a musician, with every third is a producer and almost every second is a DJ/rapper. They have lost their creativity already in the late 80s, stepping away for some nerdy guys. Arts is not something creative anymore. This concept may have changed, but its core is still “being different” and artists are no longer different than anyone else, they are just average with a slightly better taste. Unexpectedly and more likely unintentionally, something completely “casual” became the ruler of the creative world. Marketing, engineering, IT – you name it - that has over time become more creative than the top charts of iTunes. 

The worst part about it is that everyone is trying to be creative and they are driven not by the part that loudly says “create”. They are imitating, copying, changing and doing anything else but creating and usually, it is done with the lack of taste or style. They are either trying to be nihilistic (and failing) or artistic (that is not possible without a sense of taste, so failing as well) and making the world of content just a stinking garbage bin. While the truly creative people are lost somewhere among these garbage bins. 

So, what is “creative” today then? It is something that goes step ahead of time, something that bends the limits of standards that inspires. This “something” becomes when it is found is giving you understanding that there is a little number of people with the genius ideas that are worth going through 99% of dumbness and stupidity.

Have you mentioned that art goes beyond its time? The world, as the artist sees it, is absolutely different from our reality. It is not just an image, sound or text - it is a statement, idea or "innovation" of mind. And when the century of certain ideas is over, it looks at the artistic world and follows it with a deformed adaptation. It works as some sort of a loop, where reality creates a new mind that creates a new image. To simplify, it works as an AI at its literal understanding - it sees the world differently with the different values, norms and standards, therefore, with the different judgement structure, and when this AI starts to create something new - it goes according to different principles rather than an "average"/normal perspective.

If you are familiar with Russian literature, you could have mentioned that trendy ideas of nihilism were created by Turgenev. Female rights, or feminism, as we know it, was completely developed by Chernyshevsky. Constructive and "effective" thinking were successfully brought to life by Kandinsky and Malevich. If we turn away from Russian literature and art, we can name even more examples - Balzac has masterfully described the end of the 19th century, while Dreiser has depicted the reality of America. As Wilde mentioned, "art deforms life according to its needs". The list of examples can go on and on, frightening you with its fatalistic behaviour. Yet, amusement from these correlations may get you away from the "heart" of the theme. 

Art lives in its unique world. However, we can't judge modern art in an objective manner, simply because we need to understand it according to its own rules, that comes to a "normal" mind only over time. Art is questioning our norms and judges our time. It expands our understanding of life overall, showing lack of perfectionism in natural things. It brings its aesthetic touch to environment and human.
                    For the last 2 months, my head was overwhelmed with ideas about cryptocurrencies, digital money and blockchain. I am proud of the result and all the past weeks' hard work paid off with the great research and final paper. Thank you for the participation in the survey, by the way, it helped a lot. 

If you are interested in cryptomarket or blockchain but didn't know where to start - read my work -it's  like a complete introduction and overview of the essential economic and technical aspects of the topic. You can find my thesis here: https://www.theseus.fi/handle/10024/141520

Feel free to share! If you have any questions regarding the channel or thesis or anything related - share your thoughts in our chat @dailyEmChat
                    Fuck Facebook.

I do not know how can a person create such a nice thing as a social network that becomes one of the most used things in the world. An application that made thousands of people stick to their phones. An application that is simple and useful. At least, it used to be like this 10 years ago. Every positive adjective you can use with "Facebook" has been lost during the past 10 years.

From the project that could have been monetised without dumb, getting all of your data, advertisements, it just became an app full of dull and stupid shit. And it is not only about the application but a whole company - anything they make, anything they buy is becoming a pile of advertised shit. The worst thing about it is that people are still using it. No matter how slow is it or how bad in terms of optimisation/UI/UX. From a simple "a bit more than a messenger" it has become a nightmare for any designer or just any person with a good taste.  Marketing managers and SMM-ers will still spend thousands and millions of dollars just for buying advertisements.

Facebook alone could have become the key competitor (or if done right - the key market monopoly) as a video-hosting platform, blogging platform, messenger, photo-sharing network. Every time you want to defend Facebook just think about their "could have" and also wait until WhatsApp, Instagram and other applications are slowly dying in pain. The pain caused by a complete lack of optimization, good design and lack of change management.
                    Telegram survey
Lately, I have been working on my thesis regarding cryptocurrencies, more likely I am going to post it here once it is done if some of you will need a manual to the crypto world. During the research, I found out that there are not so many resources on public's familiarity and adaptation, and the ones that exist are partially out of date already. So, I have decided to make my own study and survey (with blackjack...).

So what?
This link would be the best answer in this case for the Miles Davis's question.

Why should I participate?
You will not only help me as a researcher but will bring your contribution to your favourite messenger! Such topic as this brings a lot of attention from everyone - from ICO-developers to SMM guys. Just a couple of minutes may make our community even better.

What if I am not so good with cryptocurrencies?
Your answers still matter! If you answer honestly, then you won't get to the hard questions and if you are getting stuck, just skip one.

Are there any specific instructions?
Not really. Basically, it is just a classic survey, however, as soon as you are getting to the survey page, you will get some nicely written section descriptions.

Hey, you promised to post more often but looks like I don't have the posts that I deserve!
Yeah, for real, there were some problems with content lately, in the sense that I don't have too much free time due to the work and thesis. I should be done with this crazy combination in a week and then will get back to two posts per month or even more.

This sounds like a lot of work, maybe I can help somehow.
Yes, share the link with your friends and Telegram users you know. More replies - better survey! The work is for real pretty big but the writer is comfortable with huge loads of work (please, help me, I haven't seen my family because of this paper for months).

P.S. If you really want to help me (actually, I hope so), I wrote a special easy-to-forward short post below. Don't hesitate to share it with your friends, relatives, pets or whosoever.
                    My work led me to analyze and look into the countries' policies regarding new technologies. As you might know, I am a pretty big fan of blockchain and cryptocurrencies, so during the analysis, (that is also a part of my thesis work) I'm usually looking into the ways of the countries handling it. Cryptocurrency is a relatively new concept and the way governments are coping with that allows me to understand not only their approach and vision of the technological disruption but their ambition about the future and their trust to their own citizens.

Analysis conclusion is sad: as soon as you do not know something, you ban it and try to forget it like it was a bad dream. This is the way many policy-makers approached revolutionary technology, without giving it a single chance. Some sophisticated readers may debate with me, claiming that "blockchain is not the same as cryptocurrencies and you are mixing those two", and partially they would be right. Moreover, this is the key defensive argument, the government will use. However, preventing people from use of cryptocurrencies give them fewer opportunities to understand this whole new economic model. Crypto is like a new application and when you want to understand the application, less likely you will check its code first. 

So what do the countries that wish "the best they can give to their citizens" actually achieve with limitations to the digital money? Nothing else but a selfishly missed opportunity: the opportunity of flipping the system by finally making the last hit to already broken Bretton Woods system, the opportunity to become the digitalisation adopters rather than conservative idiots, opportunity to bring the future to the people.
                    The whole day I was thinking about what would be the best way of writing this New Year post. Whether should I mention the fact that my channel grew from less than 400 to over 1700, or that from some weird motivational posts I came to semi-philosophical texts that I have started to like. Another achievement that I wanted to mention is our sweet and cozy @dailyEmChat, that brought dozens or maybe hundreds of interesting and original topics and conversations (mixed up with constant talks on Ethereum). I have tried myself in podcasts, lived in a couple of different countries and found a profession that I truly like. Amount of achievements and great moments that I’ve experienced this year is enormous. I wish you all the best in 2018 and be happy!
                    Made a short article relating the recent discussion in @dailyEmChat on future of money.

                    Today I have been to the job interview. Unlike my any previous interview experience, I have been on the other side of the screen - I was asking the questions. As far it was my first time on the recruiting side of this battlefield for the work place, there was another HR person. I was not asking most of the questions: main part was conducted by my experienced colleague. By the end of it, my legs stopped nervous shaking and my coworker was pretty surprised about it. "Why have you been so nervous, you are on the decision-making side right now?" - she asked. 
- Yeah, that's why I'm so nervous, now responsibility for any decision is on me - I'm the one to blame if he fails after acceptance or succeeding after my "no"; moreover, im the one who can cut the potential at its root or make it grow
- That's why we try to get everything about them during the interview

It is neither a sentimental story, nor a fiction intro but an experience. It gave me some unique feeling that I don't want to loose with time, no matter how cynical I am (haha, cause the name of the channel is the cynic; sorry for that dumb pun).
                    Quick updates about the channel.
- I owe you articles for September and October, so far fully loaded with my work but expect several articles striking your notifications list
- Due to my personal overload (thesis, work and all the stuff) but will to write articles will become shorter (not the ones that I owe you tho) and more idea-focused
- Amount of my grammar mistakes may rise due to the lack of time 
Thanks for following, reading and understanding.
                    Life is a sinusoid. It is a repetitive continuous unit of existence that sometimes changes its phase variable or angular frequency. Think of the way you behave. We behave differently throughout the day: easier to work in the morning, more emotional in the evening. We behave differently during the week: fucked up Monday, lazy Sunday, etc. We behave differently throughout our life:  starting as a liberal romantics and getting to the conservative pessimists. We experience fucked up situations that are flipped in a moment with the bright lumens of happiness. There are several dependencies and factors affecting our “life graph”, even though it feels like a completely independent formula. Such dependencies are the key trouble for the psychology that is trying to analyze the factors abusing certain factors of your life formula. That is why psychology may seem as a utopia consisting of quite many variables. Such external complexity may lead us to the fatalistic world perception or to the idea of “balance of nature”, something that will make sense for us. Yet we need to keep in mind that we are the part of other’s sinusoids. In this game, you are both – an influencer and a consequence, a killer and a victim. Such graph position brings us to the out-of-time state. We are becoming the part of the past, present, and future of different lines. The problem is we can’t leave the system, can’t play the game. As far as I am my life, I can’t leave the described system. Not acting here means just a passive play, moreover, disproving stoics – suicide will cause the reaction for in terms of this line theory. The issue of this concept is misbalance: one state might be lasting for longer than the other. Neither of the states (or graph values) lasts forever. Yet the routine, repetitive nature of our life may put us in an autopilot status, in which you are functioning but not living.  However, understanding the concept of a sinusoid of life brings you the power of actions, help you to turn on your real consciousness. Moreover, seeing life as a simplified graph allows you to overthrow your emotions in the advantage of your brain.
                    Today we are announcing our brand new website dailyemm.com! 

We got pretty excited about all of you joining our channel, so we thought that we need to improve. As far as quite many of you asked for the telegraph posts and website will allow us to post more (and in different manners as well), we decided to set it up.

So are you going to forget about telegram?
No, the telegram is one of our priorities. We have already set up telegraph instant view, so it will be more comfortable for you to follow and read us.

Wait, you said, "we"?
That is right. A while ago I found the @dailyEm channel, I got pretty excited with the posts that I found there. So we have decided to team up at a certain point and created a website. Also, there are going to podcast in his channel, where I will take part from time to time. 

Where is my high-quality content then and why does it take you so long to write them?
I have a new article for you today, you can find it below. Usually, I have two posts per month. I tried making it more frequently but don't like making "cheap" posts. 

Damn, guys, you are so awesome, maybe I can do something for you?
Thanks for the compliment, bud, we are glad you like it. Just keep following us, give us a feedback, and please, check out our dailyemm.com - it would be great!
Most of our choices are bringing a new pack of things we have to do. Buying a new car – keep care about your property and learn how to drive. Deciding to give a birth to a child – stop being ignorant shit and be ready to give all your free time and not expect to have it back. Buying a milk – check the expiration date… 
At a certain point, I found out that people are fulfilling their responsibilities only because they are afraid of something. If you are not paying your taxes, you will have to go to jail. If you are drawing your nickname on someone’s property (with the lowest sense of taste usually), then you have to pay a fine. If you killed a person, you may go to hell (or jail – it is up to your gnoseological way of thinking). 
But why do you need to be afraid of something in order to be a good person? 
Since when it became so hard to do what you just have to do. Or since when you stopped realizing that you are choosing what responsibilities you have to fulfill. Your achievements and goals should motivate you to fulfill the responsibilities, not the punishment for not doing it.
Responsibilities are indicators and drivers of our development. Just remember - “with great power comes great responsibility”. Our times show that we forgot how to follow this life-demanding part of our lives. We started to want more power, better status and a shit load of achievement with no concern about responsibilities it comes with. You may say that I’m hyperbolizing but look who are the presidents of the biggest countries and where does it go. 
Duty is an obligatory thing required from us in order to be decent citizens, family members or just persons. The worst thing here is that fulfilling one type of duties won’t make you free from other ones. Being a good citizen doesn’t stop you from being a nice person. Our achievements also do not take off our even basic duties. You may be a great businessman but a complete jerk for your family. It is extremely awesome if you can achieve great results in your career but that has nothing to do with you being a terrible son and not visiting or at least calling your mom from time to time. 
Maybe the responsibility is the main reason why most of the people are not getting out of their comfort zones – they found the perfect way to do everything and this “way” is a warm spot. Doing something new means leaving this spot, finding a new way of organizing your time, priorities, life, etc., for all the “must-do” things. Of course, sometimes we do need some time to stay in this warm spot, where your butt feels so comfortable already. However, stopping your Netflix’n’chillin’ at the right moment and hustling towards something better is the only way to develop yourself.
You define your responsibilities and the way you accomplish your responsibilities defines who you are.
                    We are living in the days where dystopia became a scary reality and 1984 is just a mainstream handbook. You may try to argue with this but do not hurry – think about what is going on in the political world around the globe. I know that you are waiting for me to compare absurd with a presidency of Trump, but do not stop here – Brexit, French elections, rising nationalism over the globe (Japan, Finland, Russia, Turkey, etc.), causing the growth of mercantilism, terror attacks showing the world’s unstable development… There are many other examples, we just try to skip them and focus on the ones that are going to drive us crazy faster.

The present is bringing us such “geniuses” of culture as Beyonce and Drake, which are showing a real progress – from “Kind of Blue” to “Single Ladies”. In a technological world, we also haven’t gone that far if we assume that the main “jump” of everyday life technologies is the iPhone (and that Kickstarter just in a couple of years went from being the place for ambitious start-ups to wallet e-shop). In a political sense, countries that were united and inspired with the idea of common prosperity are falling apart (yeah, EU, I’m talking about you). In an economic manner, time-breaking theories of Krugman, for example, are fading away passing to the retarded ideas of neo-mercantilism (was not aimed to insult disabled people). Of course, there are some exemptions; however, they are so minor that counting them will make this post even more depressive.
In 1926, “The Castle” by Franz Kafka was published. Book, written in style of absurdism, showed a satirical image of the bureaucracy and society. If you are going to read this book now, this will not look like a satire, but normal habits. The atmosphere of being a single thinking person surrounded by the bunch of “living meat” will not seem unfamiliar. 
Does “our present” suck then?
Debatable, however, it seems to me to be a pot with a water that is slowly heating, and right now, we are in the condition of boiling. This nonsense got to the maximum, forcing neo-nihilism and futurism to rise and make it cooler, so living now is like coming to the theater – something is about to start and you can be sure that it is going to be tremendous. 
Such shift brings us enormous possibilities – in science, economics, society. However, it should start with something, so right now we are at the moment, where the world is running around crazy to start such shift. 
I hope that my point is clear – we are living in a giant anti-utopia (or just a shithole), that is about to burst out like a bubble. How are you going to deal with it? This is your choice, but we can generalize it a bit – one way is to continue living absurd life and read inspirational talks instead of following science or at least classic literature; another is to create something new. If the world (social, economic, political) needs a reason to start something new, and therefore, waiting for something, that does not mean that you should follow the same manner. You can divide people in different manners; I will do it in a bit primitive way now: some people are ready to make responsible moves, ready to risk and do; others are followers, trying to avoid facing the reality as an enemy and crying about its complexity, but more important waiting for something. So what are you going to do in this boiling pot? Stand against imaginary faith and take action or wait for such people to come? The choice is yours.
                    Today, my friend at @dailyEm created a group chat to discuss posts, philosophy and ideology (minimalists are welcome). I decided that it might be interesting for you to discuss some thoughts with others. I wrote about this channel before and as far as our themes are quite close (at least sometimes), I hope that you are going to like it.  

Rules are quite easy:
- No spam
- No horny stuff
- No dumb shit (please)
- Be active and ambitious
- Suggest themes and criticize our posts!
We don't care about the strong language, by the way, therefore if you are less than 18, keep in mind that curse words are bad.

Please, join @dailyEmChat, you are welcome there!
P.S. new post will be on Sunday (at least I am planning so).
                    Culture - reason to be unified and separated at the same time. Like a native code that is leading our minds throughout our lives, it is developing us and then prevents any interference into our personalities. It has become a central (or causing) factor of many discussions related to politics, society, economics, etc. But do we really need this barrier of the past in our integrated society in a hopeful future?

Like most of the people that I know, every time analyzing the reality makes me feel sad and scared at some point. Not only the things that are happening in a political arena are making everyone rather disappointed but also ideological and philosophical terms show that our aims and preferences had switched and final destination is not as bright as it should be.

So much weird stuff happened in past few years. Trump vs Clinton choice (that is not normal even on the stage of choice), Brexit, threat of French exit (even though it is just a threat, it still shows the level of decreasing adequacy), Syrian conflict that is a bunch of several national problems, Chinese market development decrease (even thought the problem of political limit is bold), Islamophobia, terror attacks, Putin dictatorship (and for everyone it has become normal), etc. And perspectives are even more frightening.

Think of the trends that happened 20 years ago. And I do not mean CD-players, wide jeans or long cuts - think of the global trends. World integration, internalization, and unification were the main trends of the diplomatic world, MNE and internet market were central themes of the economic world, EU and Russian problem took over the political sides. For youngsters, these ages may seem like a disaster, for millennials - grass was greener, mountains were higher and Trump was not a president of the US - so almost perfect. The culture was seen as invisible part of borders between two countries and we were aimed to change it.

But why do we need it?

Traditions and values? - You may have some holidays during the year without praising your own culture. Why cannot you value common human things like love, family, friendship without the ideas of loving the motherland? During the Era of globalization, we stepped on the path where motherland is just a piece of land where you were born and nothing more. You family, friends is not the same as the motherland. They are just people that you love and if you are going to move to a different country, you will continue loving these people.

National identity? If you are american, then you just the part of country where slavery was so normal for a while that people decided to have a civil war to keep it, country that treated women unequally during its whole history (and still though), country of constant racism and intolerance, country that picks douche as national leader.

And culture is not just about it. Culture is developing our fears, stereotypes, mentality, way of thinking. So, when we are talking about cultural upbringing, we should think about the thinks we fear and cannot understand. Name me one culture that values philosophy or science over emotions and religion. Name me one nation (out of first-world countries) that makes us stop fearing death. Name me one culture where racism is taken out of society completely and people value global prosperity over current bargains.

It is sad to admit but culture, the one that made you feel unique a while ago, has now become just a parasite of our behavior. This parasite got stuck so deeply in our minds that it is hard to analyze certain situations objectively.

So, break the system, focus on science and start a revolution... or just do not let culture manipulate you, be rational and stick to philosophy rather than uniqueness defined by the land, where you were born.