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For over fifty years, BBC Earth has been inspiring audiences through the natural world; we’ve...

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                    ​​Nature's Miracle Orphans presenter meets Robin the tamandua at Kids Saving The Rainforest animal sanctuary in Costa Rica. Biologist Pedro Montero who works at the sanctuary said, “I think it would be weird not to enjoy this job, or like working with animals in general. I feel that all kids go through that phase where they like animals, I just never grew out of it.”
                    Learning the Art of Slow Travel: Sunbathing in Greenland
On a big rock above a crystal-blue and iceberg-filled bay in wild East Greenland, I realized that travel sometimes can mean not moving at all.
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                    ​​Well we know where we're going for a weekend excursion... Punchbowl Falls in #Oregon! Both a popular hiking destination as well as a favourite local swimming spot, the falls are not to be missed if you're in the area. 
                    SAVING A FOREST STRONGHOLD
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                    ​​Alex is a young, orphaned female caracal living at the N/a’an ku sê wildlife sanctuary, Namibia. The country is a hotspot for wild caracals, but a place where they are often persecuted by farmers concerned about loss of livestock. 
Alex’s mother was killed by dogs on a farm, but Alex survived and was found by the farmer who brought her to the wildlife sanctuary when she was just over a month old. 
Alex was lovingly hand-raised at the sanctuary by Marlice van Vuuren
                    Brilliant Southern Lights and Milky Way Shine at South Pole
Like the inside of a child's iridescent summer bubble wand, the aurora australis — also known as the southern lights — and the Milky Way bend across the sky in a stunning display of sapphire blue and fuchsia pink.
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                    ​​www.bloodhoney.com deathvalleynps is the hottest and driest place on Earth, but once every ten to twenty years, an awesome phenomenon occurs when ten or more inches of rain accumulate over the winter, as it did in 2016. Dozens of different flowers begin to grow across the harsh, desolate landscape, with lower elevations peaking in March, and higher elevations in June. During the rare #superbloom, lower elevations are famous for their fields of Desert Gold, depicted here.
                    Glacier Ice Is the Most Beautiful Blue in Nature
There’s something about the blue color of glacier ice that leaves a lasting impression. It may be because glacier-blue is a hue that can’t be duplicated anywhere else or by any other means. I find it the most beautiful blue in all of nature.
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                    ​​Swimmer at the Munsu water park in Pyongyang
Ed Jones/AFP

21 July This is part of a series of portraits of North Koreans. This swimmer, Ri Song-hui, is in her early twenties. People can be incredibly shy because they might not have seen foreigners walking around before. But I showed her some other portraits I had done to help her understand the project and then she was fine. There is a demystifying element to these images, I hope, in that we can see they are normal people enjoying what many of us would do on a weekend.
                    Lack of winter sea ice disrupts life in the Arctic
The second-worst winter for sea ice in the Arctic has many impacts
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                    ​​John Calambokidis and his team from Cascadia Research deploy suction cup tags on blue whales to gather information about why whales don’t seem to be avoiding major shipping lanes off the coast of California.
                    The world’s rarest big cat grows in number
New camera trap images reveal an increase in Amur leopards
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                    ​​Preparing poison darts in Bameno, Ecuador © Rachael Kinley.

Waorani hunter, Bai, prepares poison darts. He heats them over the fire to strengthen the palm before tipping each one with curare. Ready for tomorrow's blowpipe hunt.
                    South Africa's Wildlife Is Under Threat and This Might Be the Only Way to Save It
South African wildlife faces a huge threat from poachers, numbers of which seem to increase every year with the rise in demand for ivory around the world. The continued success of private game reserves like Kwandwe might be the only way to keep entire species from becoming extinct within our lifetime. 
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                    ​​Kandy Freeman at a Black Lives Matter protest
Stephanie Keith/Reuters

14 January I had an assignment to stake out Trump Tower a couple of days before the inauguration. At around four o’clock, the march arrived across the street. It had just started snowing heavily – these big flakes. I went over and saw Kandy Freeman. I loved the way the snowflakes were staying in her afro. I thought that was a poignant detail, that they were not melting. They were the embodiment of “the snowflake”, the slur the right uses for the liberal left. The photo seems really quiet, but there’s actually chaos going on behind us.
                    Milky Way Arcs Above Zabriskie Point in Death Valley
The arc of the Milky Way lights up the sky over Zabriskie Point in California's Death Valley National Park in a panoramic photograph captured by veteran astrophotographer Miguel Claro.
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                    ​​Scientists have created an enzyme that breaks down plastic bottles! The breakthrough was encouraged by the discovery of plastic-eating bugs discovered at a Japanese dump. The scientists have altered the enzyme and accidentally improved performance by 20%. The enzyme has the potential to solve the plastic pollution crisis by enabling the full recycling of plastic bottles.♻️🌎 
                    6 Tips to Beckon a Bevy of Butterflies
It’s no wonder butterflies have fascinated human beings for as long as we have coexisted. These colorful creatures appear delicate—fragile, even—but perform dazzling feats of acrobatics and endurance, by design. Many members of this diverse family have the strength to withstand whatever nature throws at them, from high winds and heavy rains to frigid winters and sweltering summers. 
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                    ​​Hoping to get way more epic Milky Way shots this year. Yosemite is top of the list for me. What about you? Any spots you’re looking forward to?
From a twinkle in its parents’ eyes, to birth, growth and death, the fossil record preserves fascinating hints about the life cycle of a dinosaur.
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