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                    New Darkhorsestock Idea -: For all the users.

Current Price-: 1111Rs
Sector-: Real Estate

Company-: https://wp.me/p8WeZG-1ze
(Contains amazing images )

Remember few weeks back we had said that we were tracking one real estate company. Well this was the company we were talking about. This is among the largest real estate developers in India. This is the first time we have suggested a company from this sector.

Note-: We start working on the company only after the market closes on Friday so no one can have an undue advantage of purchasing stock beforehand. That’s the reason it gets late on Sunday.

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**Telegram** -: https://telegram.me/darkhorsestocks
                    March 19, 2017 - The day we started darkhorsestocks.

On this day exactly 5 years ago we started darkhorsestocks with only one aim that is to bring amazing fundamentally strong companies to your attention. Thereby helping all the small investors to find companies just like market Moguls.

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A small message from the bottom of the heart for all the followers of darkhorsestocks -: https://wp.me/p8WeZG-1z1

5 years from today when you look back we want you to proudly be able to say that subscribing to darkhorsestocks was the best decision you ever made. You are not just a subscriber but the growth driver of darkhorsestocks.
                    Sree Rayalsema suggested on 3rd June 2021 was up 15% today and 50% since suggested. 

No analyst or broking house used to track the stock at the time of suggestion. 

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Full Report-:  https://darkhorsestocks.com/?p=3728
                    MUST CHECK
In case you have missed our previous Penny stock idea which down about 10% since suggestion -:  https://wp.me/p8WeZG-1p6

Top performing Penny stocks today (Overall - Since suggested)

FINEOTEX  |+6%  |475%
GANESHBE  |+7%  |72%
PREMIUM   |+5%

Penny stock idea suggested yesterday was up over 5% today.
                    Top performers today (Overall - Since suggested)
SHARDACROP| +7% |87%
EXPLEO    |+6%  |243%
AMBIKCO   |+6%  |110%
ESAB      |+7%  |300%
INGERSOLL |+12% |150%
GHCL      |+7%  |155%
                    NEW PENNY STOCK IDEA

Current Price-: Less than 70 Rs

Link -: https://www.darkhorsestocks.in/new_idea.html

Sector-: Food Processing

This is an almost 30+ years old company having made investments across the value chain be it – Sustainable Farming, Procurement, Manufacturing Facilities & Supply Chain, Distribution, Sales & Marketing, Poeple, Processes, Digitalisation  etc. In its clients include some of the big 5star hotel chains such as Taj, Lalit etc.

Previously before few weeks we had advised users to completely stay away from the market on account of very high volatility. For all those users who are willing to deploy money can start investing in the market in a slow and steady manner. Do not invest all in one go.
                    NEW INFOGRAPHIC -:  MicroCap Stock

This is a completely debt free 36 years old company engaged in manufacturing precision-welded and seamless steel tubes of small diameters. It is is one of the largest players in the business catering to OEM’s as well as their vendors in the refrigeration, automotive, and general engineering industries.

Infographic -: https://wp.me/p8WeZG-1xe
Full Report -: https://wp.me/p8WeZG-1f0

#Update -: Top Gainers Today
- Iol Chemicals +8%
- OAL 9%
- TTK Prestige 11%
- EPL 10%
                    NEW DARKHORSESTOCK IDEA

This week we were exploring two companies for suggesting on darkhorsestocks. One belongs to the real estate sector which requires some more research therefore it would be suggested on a later date while another one is an NBFC company.

Company suggested today is an NBFC/Investment company with Key Aspects as below -: 
- Book Value of the company -: Rs 500+
- PE - Less than 5
- Current Price- Less than 150 Rs
- Debt -: Negligible

Company-: https://darkhorsestocks.com/?p=5858
                    New Darkhorsestock Idea

Current Price-: 460 Rs

Company Name & Report -: https://www.darkhorsestocks.in/new_idea.html
( Enter mobile number **or** Email on above link to view the idea )

Sector-:  Garments | Clothing Brands | Textiles

About-:This is an almost 54 years old company engaged in the manufacturing of knitted apparel, textiles, leather and other apparel products. It has numerous brands under its portfolio. Company is expecting growth 17-18% for the current year as well as 20% cagr over next 3-5 years as per the management. Thus this makes it amazing company to explore for long term.

Darkhorsestock Idea suggested last week 
( A Tata Group company ) -: https://wp.me/p8WeZG-1vc
                    ——————-MUST READ——————-

With catastrophic drop in the markets today majority of darkhorsestock ideas were down about **5-11%. Also around 16 recent darkhorsestock ideas are down more than 20% since suggested.

We have been very clear since the begging of this year and also clearly stated the same in last weeks post that “The fall in the market would be brutal”. The best users can do is stop checking their portfolio every now and then. 

Market outlook-: https://darkhorsestocks.com/?p=5778

You are welcome to check our performance on a daily basis -: http://admin.darkhorsestocks.in

We do hope this would differentiate darkhorsestocks because almost none of the paid advisories out there would be willing to show their performance as their sole motive of earning via subscriptions would be disrupted.

Current Price: 896 Rs

Company Name & Report-: https://www.darkhorsestocks.in/new_idea.html

About-: This is the global leader in soda ash and sodium bicarbonate. It is a globally leading multinational company engaged in the manufacture of inorganic chemistry products with plants spread across four continents America, Europe, Africa and Asia. 
Apart from huge revenue from operations and stable operating profit margins, company has huge inter company investments as a result of which book value of the company could be more than the current market price of the company’s stock.

Please read our market outlook in today’s report.

Paid subscriptions will be open for 2 weeks from 28 May - 12 June 2022 . Prices will be announced on a later date. For more details visit this link below. 
                    NEW INFOGRAPHIC

A lot of broking firms and their analysts have been following Darkhorsestocks from quite a while now. However several of those broking firms recently issued buy recommendation on this stock with target price of more than 650 Rs suggesting upside potential of about 35%. 

DARKHORSESTOCKS doesn’t provide any target price or entry - exit prices.

This stock was first suggested in October 2021.

INFOGRAPHIC-: https://wp.me/p8WeZG-1uR
FULL REPORT-: https://darkhorsestocks.com/?p=4908
- Sree Rayalaseema suggested in July 2021 was up over 18% today and almost 35% since suggested. Company had amazing q3 results. Highest ever Quarterly Net profit.

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