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                    NEW INFOGRAPHIC

- Sector-: Fibre Cement products
- Book Value (Investments)-: 590 Rs
- Key Aspects-: Holding Significant amount of shares of group companies, Focus on Rural growth, Big beneficiary of Infra and Construction boost in the economy etc.

Infographics are visual presentation of already suggested darkhorsestock ideas. New ideas are suggested only on Sunday evening.

Infographic-: https://wp.me/p8WeZG-18m
Full Report-: https://wp.me/p8WeZG-13Y
Pdf-: shorturl.at/hnxOU

Ganesh Benzoplast (+50%) and RPSG Ventures (+200%) were up over 20% today. 

Nilkamal, Supreme Industries, Poddar Pigments & Finolex Industries are another darkhorsestock ideas to deliver +100% returns post suggestion.

So far in total of 150 stocks have been suggested by darkhorsestocks almost 50+ stocks have delivered +100% and 22 stocks have delivered +200% returns post suggestions.
                    Penny Stock Idea

Ganesh Benzoplast is up over 16% today and 52% since suggested on 25th April 2021.
-Iol chemicals the darkhorsestock idea suggest this Sunday was up over 7% today. In case you have not received it do let us know for future updates.
Must Read-: https://darkhorsestocks.com/?p=4322

-Antony waste was up over 10% today.

-RPSG Ventures up over 8% today and 184% since suggested on February 21, 2021

It is always advisable to keep booking partial profits at least until you get back your invested capital. Markets cannot go up forever.
                    NEW DARKHORSESTOCK IDEA

Company -: https://wp.me/p8WeZG-17I
( Click on the above Link for name)

Current Price-:  550 Rs
52 Week Low-: 516 Rs

Sector-: Chemical and Pharmaceuticals

Key Aspects-: High Roce | Debt free | Cash Balance of 365 crores | Trading near 52 week Low | Ace Investor Ashish Kacholia increased holdings.

About-: This company is 35 year old company engaged in the manufacturing and selling of APIs / bulk drugs and specialty chemicals. It is the Largest manufacturer of Ibuprofen with Global share of 35% and as claimed by the management only company world wide being backward integrated for Ibuprofen.

Note-: Users are advised to read the report in full before sending unnecessary queries. Valuations have been explained in detail in the report along with the conclusion.

Darkhorsestock suggested last week-: https://wp.me/p8WeZG-15S
                    NEW INFOGRAPHIC

This infographic is of an Ahmedabad , Gujarat based construction company Management is confident of achieving 25-30% revenue growth this year.

- Link to the Infographic -: https://wp.me/p8WeZG-17r

- Link to Download pdf -: shorturl.at/ikwCQ

- Link to Full Research Report-: https://wp.me/p8WeZG-WQ

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Darkhorsestock Idea Suggested this week-: https://wp.me/p8WeZG-WQ
                    NEW DARKHORSESTOCK IDEA

Price-: 713 Rs
Company-: https://wp.me/p8WeZG-15S
( Click on the above link for Name.)

Sector-: Pharmaceuticals, Ayurvedic Medicines, Pain Management
Key Aspects-: Completely Debt free , Cash Rich, 127 Years of Legacy,
Dsp Smallcap fund increased stake significantly.

This company has been among India’s 100 most trusted brands and ranks No 1 in Modern Trade in Head Category. Company has a history of over more than 120 years in the manufacturing of Ayurvedic balm for pain management. With diversified portfolio of products such as pain management, women's hygiene, and packaged fruit juice drink.

Darkhorsestock idea suggested last Week-: https://wp.me/p8WeZG-15f
                    NEW INFOGRAPHIC

Recently we have changed the way we use to make infographics. Do let us know how you feel about this new design. 

You can also download pdf of the infographic to share with others.
Download pdf-: is.gd/5UuwPw

- Link to Infographic-: https://wp.me/p8WeZG-15y
- Link to full report-: https://darkhorsestocks.com/?p=3455

Darkhorsestock Idea suggested last Sunday-: https://wp.me/p8WeZG-15f
                    Image is for reference sent by one of the user.

Meghmani Organics

Before Demerger
Total value of Investments -: 5927

Post Demerger
Total Value of Investments-:14113

Net Gain-: 138%
                    NEW DARKHORSESTOCK IDEA

Current Price-: 133 Rs
Company-: (Click on the below link for Name and Report)

This company is engaged in manufacturing Polyester Films, Polyster Chips, Specialty Polymers and Engineering Plastic compounds. Net profit of the company has grown drastically by 190% and 93% over 3 and 5 year period (cagr) .

Darkhorsestock idea suggested last week-: https://wp.me/p8WeZG-13Y
                    NEW INFOGRAPHIC

- Link to Infographic-: https://wp.me/p8WeZG-14N 
- Link to full report-: https://darkhorsestocks.com/?p=3343

Note-: Infographics are short visual presentation of the companies that have been suggested earlier which we think might have missed the users attention and are worth exploring for long term.

Darkhorsestock Idea suggested last Sunday-: https://wp.me/p8WeZG-13Y
                    NEW DARKHORSESTOCK IDEA

-Price-: 287 Rs
- Company-: https://wp.me/p8WeZG-13Y
( Click on the above link for name and report)

- Sector-: Fibre Cement products
-Book Value-: 590 Rs
- Key Aspects-: Holding Significant amount of shares of group companies, Focus on Rural growth, Big beneficiary of Infra and Construction boost in the economy etc.

- About-: This company is a part of the 85 years old Ramco Group , engaged in the business of manufacture of Fiber Cement (FC) sheets and Calcium Silicate Boards (CSBs).

- Market Update-: As small and midcap stocks are down a lot of users have been sending queries on what approach should they adopt while investing in the markets as a result we have provided a short market outlook as well as the Strategy which we at darkhorsestocks follow for investing in turbulent market conditions. Users are requested to check the same.

- Idea Suggested last week-: https://wp.me/p8WeZG-139
                    NEW INFOGRAPHIC

Sector-: Pharmaceutical
Key Aspects -: Multinational Company, Strong Parent Company, Completely Debt Free, Cash Rich company having Cash and equivalents of more than Rs 1000 crores, One of the few companies engaged in Covid Vaccination and many more.

You have to click on the Below Links for company name and report.

Link to infographic-: https://wp.me/p8WeZG-13H
Link to full report-: https://darkhorsestocks.com/?p=2750
                    PENNY STOCK #UPDATE

Equity Shares of Meghmani Organics Limited will be listed on NSE and BSE from August 18, 2021.

Meghmani Organics Ltd research report before restructuring - https://darkhorsestocks.com/?p=2092
                    NEW DARKHORSESTOCK IDEA

Current Price-: 383 Rs
Company -: (Click on the link below)

Sector-: Solid Material Waste Management
Key Aspects -: Portfolio diversification as this company belongs to a completely new sector.

This company is engaged in the business of mechanical power sweeping of roads, collection and transportation of waste, waste to energy project and undertake the designing, construction, operation and maintenance of the integrated waste management facility in Kanjurmarg, Mumbai. It is one of the top five players in the Indian municipal waste management industry with a track record of ~20 years .

We have covered almost all possible aspects about the company as well as also have added a Audit report section in the report . All users are requested to go through the same before taking any investing decision.

Idea Suggested last week -: https://wp.me/p8WeZG-12A

This is one of the best promotional video out there made by us.

This week we have narrowed it do to just 5 sectors. Guess the stock only from those 5 sectors thereby increasing significant chances of winning.

Guess the name of the stock here-: https://twitter.com/DARKHORSESTOCKS/status/1426518187869282312?s=20
                    NEW INFOGRAPHIC

The company presented today is a part of almost 96 years old ^&^&^&^ group . It is engaged in diverse business ranging from Apparels to Real Estate to Tools & Hardware manufacturing etc. It is also on the brink of demerger where it is going to demerged into two separate entities Lifestyle business &  Real estate development.

Company also has a huge Land Bank of 100 acres valued at roughly Rs 3500 crores or Rs 524/share.

Infographics are visual presentation of the companies which have been already suggested earlier which we think need to bring it again to the users attention.

Infographic-: https://wp.me/p8WeZG-12X
Full Report-: https://darkhorsestocks.com/?p=3401
                    Are you feeling the heat?

Small and midcaps seems to be loosing its steam. We have already advised users earlier to keep booking partial profits and if you don’t believe then do check the short audio from the below link.

Once again we would like to remind users , we are at the peak of the market . If market take a dive anything and everything can go at least 30-35% down from here and there would be no reason. So be cautious and please do not send queries asking why this is going down and why market is not going up? What time frame can we expect for the stock to come back to this levels.

In case you have missed this short market update then go over the audio once again. It will answer most of your questions.

Must Hear this 2 Minute audio Note  WORDS OF WISDOM -: https://darkhorsestocks.com/?p=3455
                    NEW DARKHORSESTOCK IDEA

Current Price-:  312 Rs
Company -: (Click on the Link below for name)

Sector-: Agrochemicals
Key Aspects-: Completely Debt free, Tata Group Company etc

About-: This is one of India’s leading crop care company , completely debt free and part of Tata Group where company’s history dates back to more than 150+ years. Company is engaged in manufacturing of Agrochemicals and is present across the value chain of agriculture inputs - from seeds to organic plant growth nutrients. Notable Ace Investor Rakesh Jhunjhunwala holds around 10% stake in this Tata group company.

Recent Governments Thrust on Make in India Initiative and reducing dependence of Imported agriculture goods is going to add more fuel to the company. Additionally company also has recorded nearly highest every quarterly sales for the Q1FY2022

Last week we had suggested a penny stock idea-: https://darkhorsestocks.com/?p=3915


Prize Pool has been Increased to 1500 Rs.

-SEBI has cleared Aditya Birla Capital’s AMC arm’s DRHP (for IPO) while Aditya Birla Sun Life’s (Insurance Business) Ipo which is a join venture between Aditya Birla Group and Sun Life Financial Inc. is expected to be around Sept-Oct. (As per online news articles)
For more details read detailed research report-: https://darkhorsestocks.com/?p=3515

- Tata Investment corp was up over 12% yesterday. 
- Tata Chemicals was up over 7% yesterday.
- Badische Anilin- und SodaFabrik becomes another dark horse stock to deliver 100%+ returns.

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