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                    🎖FREE SIGNAL🎖

💎Buy Zone 95-107
Tg1 116
💎Tg2 126
Tg3 136
💎Tg4 157
SL 86
                    BUY SNGLS coin between 85-95 

Current price 90

Sell at 102-120-145+

Signal type ••• short term 

Coin is in extreme dip ( oversold ) 

Invest only small amount in this trade .
                    Buy KMD coin between 1050-1100

Current price 1083

Sell at 1190-1240-1400+

Signal type ••• short term 

❌Place stop loss below 950
                    🚀🚀 INS COIN PREMIUM SIGNAL 🚀


Price reached to 278

✅ 1st Target successfully achieved
                    Bitcoin is respecting the support level of $9500 

Next support level would be 8950

Technical Analysis always help me to understand the market movement .
                    🌴FREE SIGNAL🌴(ADJUSTED TGs)
💎Buy zone 2900-3100
💎Tg1 3190
💎Tg2 3490
💎Tg3 3890
💎Tg4 4500
💎Stop 2646
                    NPXS ( PUNDI X HOLDER )

short term players only take profit with the difference of 1 satoshi again and again because there is no much price fluctuation observe in NPXS since ages 

Those who are stuck in pundi x coin , I would say , keep wait because at this time there is no any other option. Price is going down continuously and No clear fluctuations. But team is active price will sure boom with few weeks 

Long term players ,,, Can double their money because price can easily touch to 10 satoshi soon and 20 satoshi later on . 

Current price 5 satoshi
⚜️Buy zone 3300-3460
⚜️Tg1 3600
⚜️Tg2 3800
⚜️Tg3 4000
⚜️Stop 3000
                    ⚜️#agi again 
⚜️Open target 
⚜️Stop 273
#NANO/BTC Take-Profit target 2 ✅
Profit: 13.368% 📈
Period: 3 Days 9 Hours 18 Minutes ⏰
                    ⚜️BTC/USD quick update⚜️

⚜️Bitcoin is approaching a resistance/breakout point at 11,800$ if we will be able to break above this resistance BTC is going to test the next quite strong resistance at 12,500$.
                    ⚜️CMC now at $328 billion as per coinmarketcap index

⚜️It is at resistance zone. Which is $326-333 Billion.

⚜️TRX pumped nicely in last few minutes causing some diversion of BTC dominance..

⚜️Many times, CMC resistances play more important role than BTC resistances in crypto market..

⚜️$376-385 billion is very important CMC resistance while $400 Billion is psychological resistance.
                    ⚜️Confirmation that's the $NAS buyback wallet https://twitter.com/nebulasio/status/1140702984411553792
                    ⚜️Buying a big bag of #NAS here

⚜️Nebulas started their buy back program last month, and looking into their wallet you can see they start each buy back back every two weeks

⚜️We could possibly see them start their buy back process again this week
                    OAX free signal
⚜️Buy zone 1510-1565
⚜️Tg1 1641
⚜️Tg2 1770
⚜️Tg3 2099
⚜️Tg4 2780
⚜️Stop 1368
                    🎖BTC pumped nicely..

⚜️Another accurate analysis..

⚜️You can take some profits on BTC.. Currently it is around $11550 as per USDT price..

⚜️We are in weekends so we should not take much risks.. Just keep taking profits..

⚜️We may get another better entry again in BTC.. So enjoy taking profits with doing BTC/USDT trades..

⚜️Sell higher, buy lower..

⚜️Some small retracement may be seen.. $11070-11160 is weak local temporary support as mentioned..

⚜️You can diversify funds now.. Take some profits..
                    Don’t open new positions in altcoins 

Market seems a bit risky
⚜️Buy zone 14400-14720
⚜️Tg1 15300
⚜️Tg2 16000
⚜️Tg3 17000
⚜️Stop 13000
⚜️Buy zone 8500-8570
⚜️Targets 8900-9000 
⚜️Stop 8200
                    🎖🎖DOGE Free Signal🎖🎖
⚜️Buy zone 30-35
⚜️Tg1 39
⚜️Tg2 47
⚜️Tg3 64
⚜️Tg4 82
⚜️Stop 27