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                    March 31st is the World Backup Day! 🥳

Technical writers are the people who know that one should treat data carefully. Accidentally deleting or replacing part of technical documentation is a nightmare. So, for every techcomm professional, World Backup Day should hold a special place in their hearts.

Let’s talk about the best practices of data backup and see how software for help writers can help you sleep well at night without ever worrying about data loss again.

                    Companies all over the globe are sending employees to work from home. Even when this wasn’t an option before. This is an unexpected turn of events for many businesses. But, also, we are now more prepared for remote working than ever before, thanks to SaaS.

Let’s talk about the cloud technology a bit and see how you can improve this difficult situation using SaaS solutions as a technical writer.

                    If you think of it, dozens or even hundreds of criteria can be used to determine the quality of technical documentation. This blog is actually more than us listing some criteria, this is an exhaustive guide you can follow to find areas of improvement.

                    Don’t be cruel to your user manuals. Treat them well and your efforts will pay off. Happy customers will be the currency!

                    We hear the term "topic-based authoring" quite a lot. ClickHelp is software for help writers that supports the topic-based approach. But how did it come to be? What makes topic-based authoring superior in modern techcomm? And, finally, how is it different from modular help writing?

Let's try figuring this out.

                    You can create a truly awesome user manual. Hundreds of topics that describe every product feature thoroughly. Navigation elements that are conveniently located throughout the documentation. Your readability score is high. You’ve configured styles and scripts in your online documentation portal according to your needs.

It’s been going great, except... How are you going to update and maintain all this? We have an answer. Global Find and Replace!

Learn more here: https://bit.ly/2QfAJTA
                    One of various things technical writers can do is compose questionnaires and write interview questions. Users are the perfect candidates for being interviewed! Goals of these interviews can vary, we will talk about that in a moment. For now, we would like to point out that users can be your best advocates and they have a lot of valuable data to share.

Let's see what steps you should take to create superb user interviews.

                    According to a poll we set up, technical writers' biggest concern is that people don't read documentation. Imagine how frustrating this is - all the work you put in just to learn it was pointless. This sounds demotivating.
Let's try to understand what is stopping people from reading the manuals and how the industry needs to change to attract readers.
                    There are certain issues that are very common for technical documentation teams all over the world. We will not only name them in this blog post but will also provide comprehensive solutions. Let's begin 👇