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                    #Brawloween and #Brawlywood Sneak Peeks everywhere! 🍿 Which has been your favorite one so far?
                    Meet the #Brawlywood movie star, Lola! ⭐️

What was your favorite bit of the Brawl Talk? 🎬
                    @BrawlStars Super diwali contest for indians .

Registration Link:Β https://forms.gle/Puyp5Bua3LP5tH1z7

Final call alert!
                    Lights, Camera, BRAWL! 🎬

#Brawlywood #BrawlTalk is LIVE! ⬇️

                    My buddy came up with the idea of placing food on square plates... 
... and sold that thought for $160,000 as a startup!!! 
He is a brilliant entrepreneur, so I advised him to start a Telegram channel about it - @startups_tg
- Why marketers sent backpackers into outer space. 
- Review of ingenious, failed and just ridiculous startups. 
- What can be created as soon as tomorrow and with no investment? 
New generation perspective - @startups_tg
                    NEED FOR SPEED NO LIMITS UPCOMING UPDATE REVIEW (Oct 26th) | Halloween is coming...

Watch Now!πŸ‘‡πŸΌ
                    "I love you so much and I'm your biggest fan"


- xoxo Colette

#Brawlywood #BrawlTalk
                    BREAKING DOWN CENSORSHIP

When a new wave of LOCKDOWNS is imminent

When YOUR opinion is being repressed

When the elites want YOU to fall

It’s time to QUESTION MORE
                    Describe your favorite Brawler with... LIES πŸ€₯
                    Now, if you could add a page to the book, how would you continue the story? πŸ“–
                    Once upon a Brawl... a set of beautiful wallpapers for you all! ✨
                    Submit Your IDEA and get $500

πŸ’‘Idea Factory is an interactive startup channel with a weekly prize pool for the best ideas.

πŸ’β€β™‚Here everyone has a chance to find financial support for their project.
Check it out NOW!!

Now it's a lot safer for Colette to collect autographs! 

 Gladiator Colette, designed by Francy Artist and Beats, is now available! πŸ’•
                    Angry Birds 2 Walkthrough Gameplay | Campaign, Pig City - New Pork City [Part 04]

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                    This armor will detonate in 3... 2... 1...πŸ’₯

Meg's Second Star Power explodes her Mecha Armor when her health reaches 0! It deals damage and knockback to surrounding enemies!
                    It's time for a Club cleaning!🧹

In November's update, the Club capacity will be reduced from 100 to 30 members. Please, arrange your Clubmates now before it's automatically done with the update 😱 

More information on how the clubs will be rearranged will be coming next month!
                    πŸ‘‹! An optional update fixing some Brawlers being all black is coming to iOS devices soon πŸ“²

Make sure to update your game!