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                    Mount Locker ransomware joins the multi-million dollar ransom game

​A new ransomware operation named Mount Locker is underway stealing victims' files before encrypting and then demanding multi-million dollar ransoms. [...]

                    Microsoft confirms Group Policy Editor bug in Windows Server 2016

Microsoft has confirmed that a bug in Windows 10 version 1607 and Windows Server 2016 is causing the Group Policy Editor to display errors. [...]

                    Microsoft Edge's new feature will reduce memory and CPU usage

Microsoft's sleeping tabs could improve memory usage by up to 26% and reduce CPU usage by up to 29%, which should also result in battery savings. [...]

                    Phishing attacks are targeting your social network accounts

Scammers are targeting your social network accounts with phishing emails that pretend to be copyright violations or promises of a shiny 'blue checkmark' next to your name. [...]

                    Scammers drain bank accounts using AnyDesk and SIM-swapping

Scammers with solid social engineering skills emptied the bank accounts of at least three victims by mixing into the con SIM-swapping and remote desktop software. [...]

                    Instagram bug allowed crashing the app via image sent to device

Technical details about a high-severity vulnerability in Facebook's Instagram app for Android and iOS show how an attacker could exploit it to deny user access to the app, take full control of their account, or use their mobile device to spy on them. [...]

                    Microsoft: Hackers using Zerologon exploits in attacks, patch now!

Microsoft has warned that attackers are actively using the Windows Server Zerologon exploits in attacks and advises all Windows administrators to install the necessary security updates. [...]

                    Government software provider Tyler Technologies hit by ransomware

Leading government technology services provider Tyler Technologies has suffered a ransomware attack that has disrupted its operations. [...]

                    AgeLocker ransomware targets QNAP NAS devices, steals data

QNAP NAS devices are being targeted in attacks by the AgeLocker ransomware, which encrypts the device's data, and in some cases, steal files from the victim. [...]

                    U.S. fitness chains suffer data breach affecting 600K customers

New York fitness chain Town Sports has suffered a data breach after a database containing the personal information of over 600,000 people was exposed on the Internet. [...]

                    Tor Browser 10 released to sync with latest Firefox ESR version

The Tor Project has released Tor Browser 10.0 to align with the latest Firefox ESR version, Mozilla's enterprise version of the browser. [...]

                    Shopify data breach illustrates the danger of insider threats

A recent data breach at Shopify that affected almost 200 merchange has been attributed to insiders. [...]

                    Hackers sell access to your network via remote management apps

Remote monitoring and management (RMM) software is starting to get attention from hackers as this type of tools provides access to multiple machines across the network. [...]

                    Windows 10 Package Manager can now install Microsoft Store apps

Microsoft released a new version of the Windows 10 WinGet Package Manager that adds experimental features, including the ability to install applications from the Microsoft Store and a command auto-completion feature. [...]

                    New ransomware actor OldGremlin uses custom malware to hit top orgs

A new ransomware group has been targeting large corporate networks using self-made backdoors and file-encrypting malware for the initial and final stages of the attack. [...]

                    Ray-Ban owner Luxottica confirms ransomware attack, work disrupted

Italy-based eyewear and eyecare giant Luxottica has reportedly suffered a cyberattack that has led to the shutdown of operations in Italy and China. [...]

                    Cyber insurer's security scans reduced ransomware claims by 65%

A cyber insurer's security scans during the underwriting phase and post-issuance have led to a 65% reduction in ransomware claims. [...]

                    Emotet double blunder: fake ‘Windows 10 Mobile’ and outdated messages

The Emotet botnet has switched up their malicious spamming campaign and is now heavily distributing password-protected archives to bypass email security gateways. [...]

                    Windows Terminal 1.4 released with hyperlink and jump list support

In conjunction with the Microsoft Ignite 2020 conference, Microsoft has released Windows Terminal Preview version 1.4 with some fun and useful new features. [...]

                    Firefox 81 released with credit card autofill and new theme

Mozilla has released Firefox 81 today, September 22nd, 2020, to the Stable desktop channel for Windows, macOS, Linux, and Android with new features, bug fixes, changes, and six security fixes. [...]