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                    Decrypting your own HTTPS traffic with Wireshark (Score: 500+ in 1 day)

Link: https://readhacker.news/s/595iF
Comments: https://readhacker.news/c/595iF
                    Please put units in names (Score: 500+ in 7 hours)

Link: https://readhacker.news/s/597dG
Comments: https://readhacker.news/c/597dG
                    I think US college education is nearer to collapsing than it appears (Score: 500+ in 14 hours)

Link: https://readhacker.news/s/595Sx
Comments: https://readhacker.news/c/595Sx
                    The Windows OS needs a change in priorities (Score: 504+ in 7 hours)

Link: https://readhacker.news/s/596Dw
Comments: https://readhacker.news/c/596Dw
                    How Zillow's homebuying scheme lost $881M (❄️ Score: 500+ in 2 days)

Link: https://readhacker.news/s/58XaU
Comments: https://readhacker.news/c/58XaU
                    Vanced has been discontinued (❄️ Score: 500+ in 6 days)

Link: https://readhacker.news/s/58BYM
Comments: https://readhacker.news/c/58BYM
                    Show HN: A game that tests how well you know your local area (Score: 502+ in 19 hours)

Link: https://readhacker.news/s/592bD
Comments: https://readhacker.news/c/592bD
                    First images from James Webb telescope exceed expectations (Score: 504+ in 12 hours)

Link: https://readhacker.news/s/58YQ7
Comments: https://readhacker.news/c/58YQ7
                    Asahi Linux alpha release (Score: 501+ in 11 hours)

Link: https://readhacker.news/s/58YRW
Comments: https://readhacker.news/c/58YRW
                    Lapce – Fast open-source code editor (Score: 500+ in 1 day)

Link: https://readhacker.news/s/58Sgb
Comments: https://readhacker.news/c/58Sgb
                    Each Firefox download has a unique identifier (Score: 502+ in 14 hours)

Link: https://readhacker.news/s/58Up5
Comments: https://readhacker.news/c/58Up5
                    TUIs (Score: 500+ in 1 day)

Link: https://readhacker.news/s/58R8d
Comments: https://readhacker.news/c/58R8d
                    Zotero 6 (Score: 500+ in 5 hours)

Link: https://readhacker.news/s/58U4t
Comments: https://readhacker.news/c/58U4t
                    H.264 is Magic (2016) (Score: 503+ in 7 hours)

Link: https://readhacker.news/s/58SV8
Comments: https://readhacker.news/c/58SV8
                    In-flight surgery with a coat-hanger and silverware (Score: 502+ in 9 hours)

Link: https://readhacker.news/s/58Sut
Comments: https://readhacker.news/c/58Sut
                    How our free plan stays free (Score: 502+ in 13 hours)

Link: https://readhacker.news/s/58Q2d
Comments: https://readhacker.news/c/58Q2d
                    On Being Indispensable (❄️ Score: 501+ in 2 days)

Link: https://readhacker.news/s/58EqB
Comments: https://readhacker.news/c/58EqB
                    CIA black site detainee served as training prop to teach torture techniques (Score: 500+ in 1 day)

Link: https://readhacker.news/s/58JMC
Comments: https://readhacker.news/c/58JMC
                    Popular Tibetan singer Tsewang Norbu dies of self-immolation protest (Score: 500+ in 15 hours)

Link: https://readhacker.news/s/58KJf
Comments: https://readhacker.news/c/58KJf
                    Go 1.18 (Score: 500+ in 6 hours)

Link: https://readhacker.news/s/58KMJ
Comments: https://readhacker.news/c/58KMJ