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                    9/11— 20 Years and 40,000 Terrorist Attacks Later
                    YouTube Strikes lifted
                    The End of David Wood's YouTube Channel (Update on Fake Strikes and Appeals)
                    YouTube Is Destroying Channels Including David Wood's
                    Bill Maher Slams Self-loathing Americans with Life Lessons from Afghanistan
                    The mysterious disappearance of Malaysias pastors. By Free Malaysia Today. This video is precious. It might get taken down soon so it has been copied here. Free Malaysia Today is not affiliated with David Wood in any way.
                    Check Out the Taliban's New American Arsenal.
                    Muslim Father Murders Son for Converting to Christianity
                    U.S. Officials Gave Taliban a “Kill List” of Americans and Afghan Allies
                    Taliban Executes Woman for Being Too Poor to Feed Jihadis.
                    Bloodbath in Kabul — 12 US Troops Dozens of Afghans Killed in ISIS Suicide Attack.
                    American Students Trapped in Afghanistan
                    Taliban Blocks Afghans from Leaving Afghanistan — You Check in But You DONT Check out.
                    They’re Shouting “Death to America,” But They Seem Friendly! (CNN's Clarissa Ward on the Taliban)
                    No More Female Athletes in Afghanistan
                    LGBTQ Afghans React to Taliban Takeover.
                    [LARGE FILE] 
Salvation According to the Koran. A debate between Shabir Ally and Anthony Rogers.